The Maker Foundation has announced the new members of its board of directors on April 27, 2020. 

Included in the list of appointees are two outstanding members of the Maker Foundation team, Co-founder and CEO of the Foundation, Rune Christensen, and COO Steven Becker.

Maker Foundation’s Board of Directors Include

According to a blog post, the first board member is the Board’s Chairperson Tonya M. Evans. She is an Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and a Professor of Law at the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law. Currently, she is actively overseeing the school’s Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Law online professional certificate program. She is also passionate about the digital assets space and looks to improve global financial inclusion with it. This admirable attribute makes her at par with the Maker Foundation vision.

Speaking on the news, Evans pointed out that she’s overjoyed to be considered worthy to lead the Foundation. And that she looks forward to working together with other members. Particularly since this is quite a significant period for the entire Maker ecosystem. A period “to fulfill the board’s primary goals of community growth and decentralization, and to ensure the original vision of global financial inclusion”.

Next on the team is independent board member Shefali Roy, the COO and Chief Compliance Officer of TrueLayer. Shefali is quite experienced in the rudiments of compliance and other regulatory affairs in the financial services industry. Prior to her employment on TrueLayer, she functioned as Apple’s regional compliance officer in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa. She has also worked with Stripe as MLRO and Chief Compliance Officer for Europe. Her wealth of experience will come in handy for the Maker Foundation. As it will help guide them through blockchain and crypto ever-unfolding regulatory terrain.

Diverse Leadership on Maker Foundation

Roy disclosed that she is extremely pleased to be on Maker’s board of directors. Adding that the world we live in is an ever-changing world of creating community and economic sustainability. And that, the Foundation is specially placed to involve all its stakeholders in the decentralization of its global financial transaction scheme. Roy further added that “I could not be more thrilled to have a seat at the table and assist the organization in doing that”.

The inclusion of two experts and highly respected independent board members will ensure the Foundation has all it needs for its next phase. Evans and Roy as board members is a pointer to Maker’s dedication to expanding its skillset and diversity. The importance of diverse leadership cannot be overemphasized especially in the decentralized financial sector.

Scope of the board

According to a report published last year, the board will be in charge of propounding strategic and financial direction for the Foundation. The directors will evaluate Maker’s progress from time to time, proposing adjustments when necessary.

The board may also enlist the services of external advisors and visionaries especially those with experience in operating open-source and financial inclusion projects. It is important to note that no board member has any special or personal “oversight of MakerDAO, the Maker Protocol, or the Maker Community”.

Simply put, the board will focus on ensuring the sustainable and regulated growth of MakerDAO. While leadership will oversee its day-to-day internal decision-making. Alongside Maker’s Foundation Human Resources Dept, the newly established board is on a hunt for ” a third independent director”.

Altcoin Buzz recently reported MakerDao making several parameter adjustments following the infamous Black Thursday occurrence. It might also be facing a class-action suit over the Black Thursday occurrence.


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