STEPN and Adidas Launch Genesis Sneaker NFTs

This collaboration is set to dramatically enhance the user experience.

It will introduce innovative ways to engage with fitness technology and digital assets. Let’s explore more about this news from STEPN.

STEPN and Adidas Merge Technology with Sport

The partnership between STEPN and Adidas introduces an array of activities and exclusive releases. It begins with the launch of 1,000 co-branded Genesis Sneaker NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

These digital assets represent a significant step in merging physical activity with blockchain technology. They offer users a unique way to engage with the brands and the platform.

Holders of these NFTs will enjoy exclusive perks, further enriching the community experience. These benefits are designed to provide tangible value and enhance the engagement and loyalty of users within the STEPN and Adidas ecosystems. The promise of more exciting features and benefits in the future keeps the community eager and invested.

The release of these co-branded Genesis Sneakers will be conducted through a raffle on STEPN’s marketplace,, ensuring a fair distribution process. Priority access to the raffle will be given to members of the Adidas and FSL (Fashion Street League) communities.

More About STEPN & Adidas

On the first day, the raffle will be exclusively accessible through an allowlist. This includes holders of Adidas NFTs, STEPN’s OG & Genesis holders, and owners of the “Effective Mover 6” badge. Also, MOOAR members with level 5 and above, and Gas Hero badge or Genesis holders.

The public will have a chance to participate in the raffle starting April 18, following the exclusive initial offering. We took a snapshot for eligibility on April 12th, ensuring that active community members have the opportunity to participate.

Participants who are part of the allowlist need to set up their accounts via id.fsl with their STEPN email before the deadline on April 16th to secure their spot in the raffle.



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