Phantom Wallet Introduces Auto-Hide for Spam Tokens

This initiative is part of a broader strategy to protect our users from potentially harmful or deceptive digital assets.

It aims to improve the overall security and usability of its platform. Let’s explore more about the Phantom Wallet.

Safeguarding Against Deceptive Tokens

Suspicious tokens will now be automatically hidden and marked with a warning icon (⚠️) under ‘Manage token list. This proactive measure reduces the risk of users interacting with potentially risky, dubious tokens.

To address mislabeled tokens, Phantom Wallet has introduced an easy mechanism for users to contest these labels. If you believe a token has been mislabeled, you can simply mark it as legitimate and unhide it with just a few clicks. This feature empowers users to customize their interaction with our platform. It also refines our filtering algorithms by incorporating user feedback.

Looking ahead, the phantom wallet announced that soon users will also have the ability to directly report tokens they suspect to be spam. This upcoming feature will complement the existing system by allowing users to actively contribute to the cleanliness of the trading environment. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to use the ‘Manage token list’ option to manually hide any token that appears spammy. This can be done through a simple toggle action.

More About Phantom Wallet

Its spam detection model is dynamic and continually evolving. It learns from the patterns of tokens previously identified as spam, as well as from direct user feedback. By interacting with these features, users not only enhance their trading environment. Also, contributes valuable data that helps our algorithms become more accurate over time.

This iterative learning process is crucial for staying ahead of new spam techniques that emerge as the digital asset landscape evolves. We are committed to regularly updating and refining our spam detection capabilities to ensure they remain effective and responsive to new threats.



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