Dash Platform upgrade

Dash has a new partner. The blockchain fin-tech cross-border payment provider has partnered with blockchain and intelligence platform PARSIQ.

PARISQ made this announcement via an official blog post. The partnership is aimed at providing total compliance and monitoring to Dash.

Dash currently boasts of having over a thousand merchants all over the globe alongside about $1.52 billion as payment volume.

About the Partnership

The strategic partnership will provide real-time Dash payment notifications using several smart-triggers for users.

Through this partnership, Dash merchants will enjoy real-time payment notifications via their preferred communication methods such as email and instant messaging. Alongside this function, they will also get real-time knowledge of the crypto space, blockchain, and the merchant’s business. Knowledge of automated accounting, reporting, and even alerts of high-risk or suspicious transactions.

Users will reportedly receive immediate payment notifications alongside the amount sent and the current price of Dash token. PARSIQ is hailed as a top-notch crypto monitoring platform. With it allegedly providing all-year-round monitoring of funds. As well as top-notch user experience.

From the Founders of PARISHQ and Dash

Speaking on the partnership, Andre Kalinowski said both users and Dash based business can now have access to build Smart-Triggers. Kalinowski is the co-founder of PARSIQ. He added that “We will automate payment confirmation notifications, audit, security monitoring and user activity on the Dash blockchain.” This is great news and it is exposing Dash users to more beneficial functions.  

Third-party Dapps that have incorporated Dash payments will also have access to PARSIQ monitoring feature. Dash Evolution dapps alongside other crypto service platforms like payment processors etc.

The two firms have high hopes for the partnership, they believe it will unlock many ways to tap into Asia’s digital payment industry. Currently estimated to be a $2.5 trillion industry.

Felix Mago, also disclosed that “With the integration of better monitoring and automation tools, we are excited to continue expanding the digital payments ecosystem across Asia.” Mago is the Co-Founder of Dash NEXT & Dash Thailand

More on Dash and PARSIQ

Dash is a popular crypto payment provider with a major aim of creating global crypto awareness and adoption.

Launched in 2014, it is currently accepted in over a thousand merchant spots worldwide.  And is known for its spectacular partnerships and exploits. Last year alone it partnered with Pionex, expanded into Turkey, created more use cases in Latin America, launched Remzaza with Cubobit and did so much more. Its transactions are also alleged to be fast, safe and inexpensive.

PARSIQ, on the other hand, is a monitoring and intelligence platform for decentralized technologies. With it, users can easily track any kind of blockchain activity in real-time. It also currently supports  Bitcoin, Bitcoin forks, Ethereum and it’s over 200,000 ERC20 tokens. Providing real-time monitoring of accounts, transactions, and other related blockchain activities.


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