Which NFTs Are Inspiring Films?

Soon enough, NFTs will be represented on the big screen, among other mediums.

First mentioned by Decrypt, we are starting to see the true applications of NFT technology and ownership.

We’re starting to see that NFTs are inspiring films throughout the movie industry in live time. We first mentioned this concept when we looked at WoW and Morning Sunshine. But, they aren’t the only ones doing this.

Plenty of projects are actually using their IP in tangible ways. Let’s look at some examples, along with areas where you could participate!

NFTs on the Big Screen

Of course, let’s first look at how these assets are ending up in movies. Aku was the first project that went this route. Launching in April of 2021, Aku partnered with:

to bring their project to the big screen. And who are the people behind those companies? Star musician Shawn Mendes and manager Andrew Gertler.

Additionally, Huxley is another project making waves in the provably ownable IP sector. Ben Mauro, who worked on movies and video games like The Hobbit, Halo, and Call of Duty, is the mind behind this project. Holders of the Huxley graphic novel NFTs will soon see their NFTs inspiring films! Arad Productions just announced plans to produce a film based on this series.

Collaborative IP in the Form of NFTS?

Jenkins the Valet: Writing Room is one of the most interesting projects employing this concept.

First, holders of the Writing Room NFTs from this project receive votes on the project’s creative direction. In this case, the Writing Room is working on a collaborative book that contains IP given to them by their community. Holders can vote on which characters appear in each chapter. If a particular holder lends their avatars to the project, they will receive royalties from the book. To add, different tiers of NFTs give more voting power, as well as direct IP inclusion in the project. For example, holders of the Yacht tier (or the highest tier) receive:

  • 215 Votes
  • One of their avatars featured in the book
  • Free books, member-only apparel, and more

This is only the start of this idea of collaborative IP.

If I provably own these assets on the blockchain, why shouldn’t I be able to license its IP to whatever project I’m interested in? It works that way with almost any other IP/asset in existence, digital or physical. At least NFTs give us a provable, trustless way to see who owns what.

NOTERemember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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