The New challanger to Pancakeswap

Until now, the vast majority of BSC users engaging in DeFi have done so on PancakeSwap. However, A DEX for the Professional Investor is missing from the scene. Binance launched BSC in September 2020 and its infancy phase reflects somewhat in PancakeSwap. PancakeSwap was born at a time when a majority of DEXs were inexplicably named after food. The interface is light-hearted and caters to less experienced, less serious investors.

CoinSwap Space is looking to provide the market with a more professional BSC DEX as compared to Pancakeswap. Interestingly, this will prove attractive also to new arrivals in crypto. Expecially, the ones who invest their money in more traditional-looking applications.

Similar to PancakeSwap, CoinSwap offers a whole host of DeFi features. CoinSwap is an automatic marker maker (AMM) allowing users to trade crypto without an order book. Users on CoinSwap can earn money by staking, contributing to liquidity pools and by yield farming. Soon the platform will offer a revolutionary version of lending. CoinSwap utilizes smart routing that ensures clients will receive the best swapping rates, slippage, and price impact available. 

Multi-token ecosystem

There are two tokens within the CoinSwap ecosystem. The first is the main utility token, the CSS token. Users will earn the second token, CSS-LP token, by contributing to CoinSwap’s liquidity pools. These CSS-LP tokens can then be staked in any of CoinSwap’s many yield farming pools.

A Fresh Set of Tokenomics

All of this will sound familiar to anyone who’s ever used PancakeSwap. However, CoinSwap has a lot of advantages over PancakeSwap. Firstly, and maybe most importantly, it is cheaper. PancakeSwap trading fees are 0.25% while CoinSwap is able to offer the same service at 0.2%. Given that the primary reason that people navigate to BSC is low fees, this might prove a huge selling point for CoinSwap. 

Secondly, CoinSwap has a completely different set of tokenomics. Ones that might make it a much more attractive proposition for investors. Like PancakeSwap, the token has a burn-at-stake model. However, CSS token value has utility as well rather than just burning in the case of Cake. CSS tokens also have the market’s lowest hard cap of 19,999,999 making it a truly deflationary asset.

CoinSwap is also one of the very few which has been insured and audited already before launch by Certik, a leading security-focused ranking platform. Using a Formal Verification technology, it provides rigorous audits, smart contracts, and blockchain protocols to ensure resistance against hackers. The successful audit represents a huge show of confidence in the security of CoinSwap Space’s technology. It will set at ease the mind of any potential investors looking to stake their tokens, especially when you consider the professional clientele it wishes to attract.

The Next Big Player in the BSC Ecosystem

The BSC ecosystem is still very new, even in the context of crypto. As crypto, and DeFi in particular, becomes more mainstream, the low fees and strong tokenomics will attract more and more serious investors. Until now, BSC did not have a DEX that could truly cater to these investors. Now it does. CoinSwap Space provides a professional interface, granting access to secure, audited smart contracts allowing users to access all the features of DeFi. 

About CoinSwap Space

CoinSwap Space is a decentralized exchange that provides users with a suite of services to help them maximize their returns in the DeFi space. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, CoinSwap Space utilizes smart routing to give users the best return on their investment possible. 

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