Mozik ($MOZ) Creates History – Double IDO and NFT Co-Launch

Mozik ($MOZ), a blockchain-powered music platform has revealed its initial DEX offering (IDO) on BSCPad and Ignition. They are also co-launching their NFT with Treasureland.

According to reports, Mozik ($MOZ) will carry out the IDO on BSCPad Sunday, June 6th, while the Ignition IDO will be done on Monday, June 7th.

Other useful information for Mozik ($MOZ) BSCpad IDO are:

  • Staking eligibility cutoff is by 5:00 AM UTC
  • Allocation round open takes place by 8:00 AM UTC
  • Public sale (FCFS) round open also takes place by 1:00 PM UTC

Information about Mozik ($MOZ) Ignition IDO that launch on Monday, June 7th includes:

  • Galaxy Pool opening by 11:00 AM UTC
  • Moon Pool opening by 11:30 AM UTC
  • Vesting Schedule is 33.33% at TGE, and 33.33% per month for two months

Also, there are reportedly 9,000,000 $MOZ tokens available on Ignition, and the price of each $MOZ token is $0.02. Only $150 can be allocated per ticket.

Mozik Co-Launch NFT With Treasureland

Mozik also revealed they will be co-launching their first NFT with Treasureland. Also, giving interested users a prize for correct predictions.

About Mozik

Mozik is a blockchain-powered music platform focused on building a “healthier and fairer music ecosystem.” They deliver music and also connect fans and artists in creative ways. With the use of blockchain technology, Mozik eliminates barriers and gives users access to content, while allowing artists to monetize their work and fanbases in a more efficient way.

Mozik will initiate some ideas such as introducing tokenized IP. This will help artists decide if they’re to monetize the ownership of their content, selling it to fans and traders on the open market.

They also plan to give consumers the chance to buy MOZ tokens to buy music and celebrity related NFTs. With cryptocurrency, the payments will be instant and without middle man or settlement delays.

Previously, Polygon (formerly Matic Network) explained how launching IDOs can be taken to a new level by strategically partnering with Polkastarter. Based on reports, the next phase of Polkastarter (POLS) involves a collaboration with Polygon to facilitate cost-effective, faster, and multi-chain IDOs.

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