Deeper Network (DPR) Details Strategic Improvementsq

The month of May was an exciting month for the entire Deeper Network (DPR) ecosystem, featuring several technical updates, strategic partnerships, and more.

Deeper Network (DPR) is a fast-rising decentralized blockchain platform that is focused on building a truly decentralized, secure, and fair internet. DPR has published several of its important updates in the month of May.

The decentralized internet provider in its latest monthly newsletter published these strategic updates. Notably, the updates include important technical improvements, community developments, and the market status of the entire Deeper Network ecosystem.

To keep our readers informed we have published some of these important updates.

Deeper Network May Updates

Technical Updates

According to the official newsletter, Deeper Network (DPR) technical updates were divided into hardware and software updates.

The hardware updates include:
80% progress made on the development of Deeper Network (DPR) new mining version. Deeper Connect Mini new cooling system design is currently 70% completed, while its Nano cooling system design is at 80%. The Wifi appearance mold is still at the early stages of development and currently stands at 30% completed. Finally, the Deeper Connect Pico hardware design is about 85% completed.

The software updates include:
60% progress made on its Atom OS bridge, the ATOM Wifi software code is also currently 88% completed. Updates have also been made to important software functionalities like the transparent proxy development, the CPU usage of AtomOS background, tunnel establishment, resolve transaction history sequence, etc.

Deeper Chain Updates

In line with the software updates, Deeper Chain also registered several important updates including:

Its new Proof-of-Credit (PoCr) mining design is about 80% completed and its credit score adjustment mechanism currently stands at 90% complete. Additionally, its token conversion bridge between ERC-20, and the mainnet are 50% complete. The progress made on its Equity NFT mechanism design is 100% complete, while its Equity NFT contract design is at 80%. Other important updates on Deeper Chain is the completion of its fourth round of local AB testing, DPR linear launch, etc.

Other Important Updates

Deeper Network has forged a research partnership with Cointelegraph. It also completed the third round of its liquidity mining on May 25, 2021, with a total of 1.25 million DPR. Interestingly, more than 3,335 Mini and 1,151 Nanos have been shipped. Deeper Network has also completed the first round of sales for its Deeper Connect Mini on the Japanese crowdfunding platform Green Funding. Plans are in place to launch the second round of sales on the Campfire platform. Also, Deeper Connect Nano on Stackcommerce crossed a sales milestone of $120k in May.

Also, traders can now buy DPR tokens on Uniswap and Deeper Network also launched staking on its own platform annual percentage yields as high as 1,800%.

DPR Price

At the time of publication, DPR was trading at $0.095637, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,459,911.

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