SSV.Network Boosts Ethereum Staking with Ether.Fi Partnership

This partnership changed the trajectory of staked assets and propelled SSV’s TVL to $2 Billion in the space of a month, further increasing ETH stakers to over 19,000.

Let’s look into this partnership and see what’s going on with SSV.Network and Ether.Fi.

SSV.Network and Ether.Fi Boost Staking Efficiency and Security

SSV.Network is a leading staking infrastructure. This massive growth results from its partnership with Ether.Fi. It is a remarkable restaking platform that leverages SSV’s Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) in its activities.

Within 30 days, the TVL of staked Ethereum on SSV’s protocol has increased, surpassing $2 Billion. This increase in TVL has also led to an increase of over 19,000 in Ethereum stakers using SSV. The SSV network protocol with over 400 node operators and staking providers now holds over 568,000 ETH.

SSV partnered with Ether. Fi to make its system a lot more decentralized. Ether.Fi leverages SSV’s DVT to its staking setup to increase its tolerance level and decentralization. 

Ether.Fi’s CEO, Mike Silagadze, further expressed the platform’s need for a more decentralized and tolerant protocol. With DVT, anyone can access a globally distributed network of relevant node operators. The integration of DVT to Ether.Fi improves its node operator setup and the security of ETH staked on Ethereum’s base layer.

More About Ether.Fi & SSV.Network

Ether.Fi increased SSV’s TVL by $200 million and introduced over 2,000 validators to SSV. Network. DVT plays an important role in Ethereum staking. It strengthens ETH staking capacity by mitigating single points of failure and reducing the risk of slashing. With DVT technology, a single validator operates many parties, leading to trust in restaking operations. 

SSV.Network creates infrastructures that are easy to use and scalable for developers. SSV powered by DVT improves the staking experience by empowering staking operators and validators to take part in staking Ethereum.



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