Sui is a favorite guest in the current spotlight. It stays there as well, with regular news and updates. Now, there is a new partnership with Revolut. This is a global all-in-one finance platform. Revolut changes the way you use money. It has over 40 million worldwide users.

So, let’s find out what this new partnership between Sui and Revolut is all about.

Sui and Revolut

Sui opens the blockchain doors to millions of digital banking users. Revolut users have now the opportunity to buy and sell crypto assets. This includes, of course, the $SUI token. That’s besides their more traditional digital banking products and services. However, Revolut also offers a Learn program. 

In this course, Revolut users can learn about Sui and its ecosystem. For instance, you can learn about the blockchain technology that Sui uses. Furthermore, the course also points out why Sui is unique in the blockchain space. It is also an incentivized program. In other words, you can earn $SUI tokens by taking part. 

Kotryna Baldovskaja, Crypto Global Business Development Manager at Revolut had this to say;

Our collaboration with Sui underscores Revolut’s commitment to providing our users with access to the latest advancements in financial technology.” She added;

By integrating Sui’s educational content into our Learn program, we aim to equip our users with knowledge about one of the most impressive technological breakthroughs we’ve seen in crypto and the countless opportunities that lie within the Sui ecosystem.”

The Revolut Learning Program

So, Revolut’s Learn platform is a great entry for its users to discover the ins and outs of Sui. You can follow various fascinating lessons. These will show you what sets them apart from other blockchains. For example, in the first two lessons, it shows you features and benefits that make Sui stand out. It lets users know how Sui distinguishes itself from regular blockchains. 

The follow-up lessons cover other areas. For instance, the easy and smooth UX (user experience) of Sui. It also highlights Sui’s use cases and introduces its lively ecosystem. However, the Revolut learning program is only available on mobile phones. You can check this link. The picture below shows the Revolut Learning Program.


Source: Sui blog

CoinGecko and Sui

CoinGecko also released a new blockchain popularity list last week. Sui did very well on that list, by placing 9th. Thus, leaving other big chains, like, zkSync, Polkadot, Polygon, and Cardano behind.

It may come as no surprise that Solana is firmly in the driver’s seat of this list. They scored 49.3, beating Ethereum by a street length or two, who came in second. Ethereum scored 12.73%. Sui’s score was a respectable 2.05%, placing them 9th on this list. The BNB chain, the Cosmos, and Avalanche ecosystems also fared well in this list. They respectively placed 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

For chains with the Move coding language, it is by far the most popular chain. For instance, Aptos scored 0.5%, a difference of 4x less, compared to Sui. As a result, it cements its top spot in the current line-up of blockchains. 

Besides gaming, Sui’s prominent position in DeFi also helped to secure this 9th spot. According to DeFiLlama, Sui is steady in 12th spot by TVL. With a TVL of $706.55 million, it’s close on Bitcoin’s heels. Below is a picture of the CoinGecko list.


Source: CoinGecko research

So, to sum up, Sui managed to place in a respectable 9th spot in CoinGecko’s most popular blockchain list. Furthermore, it announced a new partnership with Revolut, the finance platform. All 40 million Revolut users can now enjoy a Sui Learn Program.

The current $SUI token price is $1.93 with a market cap of $2.3 billion. There’s a max and total supply of 10- billion tokens. Currently, there are 1.23 billion tokens in circulation.



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