Chainlink Set to Lead 2024 Bullrun with BlackRock Boost

Recently, Chainlink’s price has experienced a notable increase, reigniting excitement among its users

In this article, we’ll explore why Chainlink is a prime choice to capitalize on the bull market trend.


We believe Chainlink is going to go Parabolic and one of the main pillars for this belief is its CCIP You might be aware that in July 2023, Chainlink brought out a major upgrade. Yes, I am talking about CCIP (Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol). As the name says, it connects blockchains. It has expanded to Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, and Coinbase’s BASE. 

Chainlink’s Cross-chain interoperability protocol is a big deal. It acts like a universal translator for blockchains, letting them talk to each other. This means your money and data can hop between different blockchains without breaking a sweat.

Benefits Behind Chainlink CCIP:

Chainlink CCIP offers several benefits let’s break down how it’s changing the game:

  • Expanded Reach: With CCIP, decentralized apps aren’t stuck in one place. They can spread their wings and reach more users, tapping into the power of blockchains all at once.
  • Efficiency: Gone are the days of building separate roads for each blockchain. CCIP paves a superhighway. This saves time and effort for developers. An app can connect to multiple chains with one neat solution.
  • Security: Chainlink oracles are like the vaults of the blockchain world. With CCIP, that security blanket stretches even further making sure your data and assets stay safe.
  • Flexibility: Last but not least, CCIP gives Dapps the power to be true shapeshifters. They can mix and match features from different blockchains. Dapps can now create something truly unique and versatile.

Chainlink’s CCIP Mainnet is still not open to everyone. If a network wants to access CCIP, they need to Apply for it. But, the CCIP General Access on the mainnet will roll out very soon. Chainlink CCIP Revenue surges 180%.

According to the recent data from Dune Analytics Chainlink’s CCIP, it has experienced a staggering 180% increase in revenue. In January, CCIP generated $61,000 in fees. This number has soared to over $171,000 by mid-March. This significant spike is a clear indicator of the growing popularity and acceptance of Chainlink’s CCIP within the DeFi space. It’s not just about the numbers, it’s about the trust and confidence that the community is placing in this protocol.

Chainlink Integrations

Huge players like Ethereum L2 Metis, and WeMade (South Korea’s preeminent gaming company) are teaming up with Chainlink to take their platforms to the next level. Big wins like this are only the beginning for CCIP.

BlackRock Boosts Adoption for Chainlink

As rising institutional interest pumps in crypto, one name comes above all. Blackrock. BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager. It has a $10 trillion portfolio. It is bullish on crypto. But, they are not excited about XRP or USDC. Their focus is on a different niche entirely.

But don’t take my word for it. Just listen to Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock. He reminds us how bullish the world’s biggest asset manager is on this narrative. He’s talking about Real World Assets or RWA which includes a wide range of assets that can be tokenised and brought on chain. RWA isn’t new. But Blackrock’s interest in it is. 

BlackRock launched its Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund for USD. As soon as BlackRock announced its venture into RWAs, several RWA projects saw a significant hike in prices. We better take a closer look at why BlackRock, a shadowy puppet master, is so bullish on this narrative. Should we be bullish too?

According to the research firm K33 if you’re looking to ride the RWA wave Chainlink might be your safest bet. Tokenization is about bringing real-world assets, like stocks and bonds, onto blockchain networks. This makes them easier to trade, more transparent, and cheaper to manage.

RWA Tokens Rally 81%

Recently, the market for Real World Assets has been ablaze. RWA governance tokens surged by an astonishing 81%. What’s driving this surge? Well, TradFi is increasingly exploring new cases for RWAs. There is bullish momentum in the market. For instance, Chainlink recently did a pilot with Australia and New Zealand Bank (ANz). It showed how tokenized assets can move between public networks using Chainlink’s CCIP.

The trend is obvious. There is a big increase in RWA tokens. Traditional institutions are using on-chain finance more and more. Blockchain tech is breaking old rules. It’s opening up lots of new ways to do things.

Chainlink has positioned itself well. They are the go-to infrastructure for connecting blockchains to the real world. Their system of oracles and wide range of partnerships make them a crucial player in this game. We believe that projects like Chainlink are going to get a lot more adoption. And soon.


Chainlink may not be the biggest gainer in this space. But, it’s one of the best positioned. Interest in tokenized real-world assets will only grow. And so will CCIP. Data is the new oil. Oil needs a pipeline to get to where the people are. Then they can buy gas. The data pipeline in Web3 goes through Chainlink.

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