Top Crypto News 10/22

The majority of the cryptocurrencies are trading sideways. Bitcoin is holding the 62k region. Ethereum is trading around $4000 with the fear and greed index remaining in Greed. Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for the day.

1) Iota Enables Smart Contract Functionality

IOTA offers programmable smart contracts on IOTA 2.0.

The network adds early support for:

  1. the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and
  2. Smart contracts written in programming languages like Solidity, Go, and Rust.

IOTA can handle over 1000 transactions per second. And It executes smart contracts with horizontal scaling. Horizontal scaling works by adding more smart contract chains. This feature helps in maintaining the interoperability of all smart contracts.

IOTA also acts as a trustless, feeless asset bridge. IOTA is now trading near $1.3 with a 5% pump since the announcement.

Cardano reached a new all-time high last month. That matched their announcement of adding smart contract functionality.

IOTA Smart Contracts : Source

2) Binance Introduces Binance Evolution Protocol, BEP-95

Binance proposes a new token standard and a real-time $BNB burning mechanism. $BNB’s tokenomics is now more dynamic thanks to the Evolution Protocol.

BEP-95 speeds up the burning process of $BNB. Another goal for BSC is to become more decentralized. Part of the gas fee will be burned depending on the activity on the BSC network. And it will continue burning $BNB, even after Binance achieves its target of 100m $BNB supply.

3) Trustpad Announces Vodra IDO Event

Trustpad announces the VodraToken IDO on October 26. VodraToken is a content empowering platform targeting both content creators and their audiences. The community sale of the native token $VDR is organized by Anypad and Starter.

You can participate in the whitelisting competition here.

Vodra provides fair compensation for creators alongside all of the tools needed to grow audiences.

Vodra is conducting an airdrop, partnering with Coinmarketcap and you can win up to 50,000 dollars.

You can enter the giveaway here.

4) DreamsQuest NFT Flashdrop on BinanceNFT

DreamsQuest announces the fourth edition of its NFT sale on BinanceNFT.

The exclusive NFT sale is live now. You can place bids on the BinanceNFT platform.

Dreams Quest is an upcoming decentralized Free-to-Play Play-to-Earn RPG game.

DreamsQuest NFTs : Source

You can buy Dreams NFTs here.

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