Top Avalanche news April week 1
March 2022 was a busy period for Avalanche. The platform had its much anticipated Avalanche Summit in Barcelona and other partnerships and new launches. Since the start of the new month, Avalanche has maintained its high energy.

For example, Q1-2022 was a success for the Avalanche network in all ramifications. The blockchain platform retained its spot as one of the high-performing blockchain networks. Here’s a summary of the key events on Avalanche Updates during the first week of April.

1) Domi Online to Build on Avalanche

Domi Online is a leading NFT gaming platform. It offers its users complete control of their in-game assets, weapons, and rewards. In addition, the game provides earning opportunities and a series of intriguing adventures. Also, Domi has become the latest gaming platform to embrace Avalanche following its latest announcement.

On the other hand, Domi will use Avalanche’s distinctive subnet technology to provide a seamless experience with its in-game economy. This would enable another level of blockchain efficiency. Also, Domi will utilize Avalanche’s features to ensure fast and reliable transactions.

2) Coinbase Cloud Launches Suite of Blockchain Solutions on Avalanche

Coinbase Cloud offers web3 APIs and resources to accommodate the new wave of software developers. The platform plans to develop solutions for Avalanche’s growing ecosystem. According to the annoucement, Coinbase Cloud aims to empower developers to build the future of Web3. This would make it easier for developers to build projects on Avalanche.

Reacting to the news, Joe Lallouz, head of product at Coinbase Cloud, said, “We couldn’t be more excited to work with the Avalanche team to empower builders and participants. Avalanche is contributing to building a more vibrant and accessible Web3 economy, and we are looking forward to working with them to help the network grow and scale.”

3) Avalanche is now supported on Lootex Marketplace

Lootex is a player-focused cross-chain NFT trading platform. According to the annoucement, this platform aims to build a game asset marketplace where players can simply explore, trade, and purchase game assets across several blockchains.

Also, as part of its expansion plans, the marketplace announced its support for Avalanche. Furthermore, Lootex listed some Avalanche-based Play-to-Earn games on its platform. This includes Boss Bulls, Heroes Chained, Imperium Empires, and Crabada. The platform cited Avalanche’s Ethereum compatibility as a huge reason for this move.

Additionally, the integration enables users to store AVAX in their Metamask wallet and trade NFTs on Lootex Marketplace. Also, Lootex hopes to utilize Avalanche’s reliability and low cost to scale its community.

4) Bright Union Goes Live on Avalanche

Another Avalanche Updates is Bright Union. It is now live on Avalanche a few months after it launched its mainnet on Ethereum and expanded to Polygon and BNB Chain. According to the announcement, the platform is a multi-chain decentralized finance cover marketplace. Bright Union aims to protect users and digital assets from hacks, rug pulls, and other forms of scams.

Furthermore, BrightUnion provides crypto users with a form of insurance that acts as a cover from harm.

5) Terra Expands Reserve to Avalanche

Terra has diversified its plans of purchasing $10 billion in Bitcoin to create a reserve for its stablecoin, UST. Luna Foundation Guard is a non-profit organization devoted to Terra. The platform announced plans to purchase Avalanche tokens worth $100 million to increase the stablecoin reserve. As a result, AVAX will become the second asset in the UST reserve after Bitcoin.

Also, the Singapore-based organization selected Avalanche’s network due to its growth and large community. Through the new alliance, Avalanche’s users will be able to exchange UST for Avalanche tokens directly on Terra. This move marks the beginning of an alliance between both platforms.

AVAX Price Outlook

At the moment of writing this article, the price of AVAX is $88.71. Furthermore, it has a 24-hour trading volume of $1,2 billion with a marketcap of $23.7 billion. Also, Avalanche is up 5% in the last 24 hours.

We hope you have learned from the latest Avalanche Updates.

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