What Is DeFi Money Streaming?

How we receive earnings is a topic that needs to be addressed. How do you pay your employees?

Recent DeFi money streaming protocols make it possible for interested persons to receive their earnings in real-time. Most organizations and firms pay their employees either weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. Also, some companies may even make paycheck advance payments by a few days. LlamaPay is an example of this.

However, there is a new and improved way to receive your earnings. With decentralized finance (DeFi) money streaming protocols, DeFi users can now get paid in real time.

What You Should Know About DeFi Money Streaming

As previously disclosed, DeFi money streaming protocols are a reliable way to receive earnings in real time. This means that with the protocol, payments can be streamed steadily to recipients.

There are strategic steps to stream funds using DeFi money streaming protocols. Some of these steps include:

  • First, you need to set up a “Money Stream.” This stream will also need to have specifically defined terms like vesting timetable, start time, recipient details, cliff, etc.
  • Next, the payer needs to deposit money into the money stream.
  • The payment then streams continuously to the receiver based on the timeline initially specified in the “Money Stream.”
  • Lastly, the receiver can then easily claim the funds at any time.

It is also important to note that the “Money Stream” can be canceled, paused, or resumed.

Some Available Money Streaming Protocols

There are also several money stream protocols available today. Some of them include:

  • LlamaPay – Built by DeFi Llama, LlamaPay is a salary streaming protocol. It automates salaries, streaming them every second to employees so that they can withdraw them at any time. Furthermore, the protocol eliminates the drudgery of having to manually transfer salaries either on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to employees.

Notably, LlamaPay is currently in use by top firms like Yearn Finance, Convex Finance, SpookySwap, etc.

  • Mean Finance – It is a Solana-based money streaming protocol. It is also an everyday DeFi banking money stream-based workflow protocol. Also, Mean Finance is a no-code vesting, payroll, and multisig protocol. It also focuses on redefining why money streaming goes way beyond salary automation.
Other Money Stream Use Cases

Apart from salary automation, money streaming also has a number of use cases. Some of these use cases include:

  • Parking payment – With money streaming, you only have to pay for the time used.
  • Pension plans
  • Donations
  • Subscriptions
  • Automated DCA investments
  • Online advertisements, etc.

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