As of press time, the cryptocurrency market cap is above $475B. Bitcoin is gaining momentum, and the price of 1 BTC has now exceeded $10.000. Litecoin is the biggest gainer, reaching new highs since January 15th.

The cryptocurrency market has been recovering since February 6th, and as of press time, the total market cap is above $475 billion. Nearly every cryptocurrency in the top 100 has been increasing in value against the US dollar.


Bitcoin is battling the $10.000 mark

Bitcoin has increased 40% in value since February 6th, where the price dipped below $6000/BTC. Now BTC is battling the symbolic $10.000/BTC price point. As seen below, Bitcoin touched the $10.000 mark at roughly 04:30:00 GMT, Feb 15th. That was followed by a big sell-off, but the price quickly recovered, and now we are looking at +$10.000 per Bitcoin. However, if the price will stay above $10.000 we do not know.


Litecoin was the biggest gainer within the top 25

Litecoin is currently ranked fifth and rose as high as $236/LTC on Bitfinex, achieving its highest since January 15th. The price increase appears to be because of the recent LitePay announcement. LitePay is the payment processor of Litecoin where retailers can accept Litecoin payments instantly from anywhere in the world, which eventually could lead to LTC becoming the cryptocurrency choice for everyday transactions.



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