secret tools used by NFTs millionaires

Unbelievable! I finally found 3 Secret NFT tools that made NFT millionaires in 2022. I always wondered. How I always miss opportunities to buy NFTs for couple of cents and then these turn into million dollar opportunities?

But thats not gonna happen anymore. Because I and my research team has uncovered 3 ultimate NFT tools. These tools will let you keep track of mints in real time. Also, you will be able to speed up your mints or trades, and get Whitelist and alpha calls and make big profits. So, let’s dive in.

Tool #1: Nexus Tools Pass

Nexus keeps track of mints in real time. This is an essential tool for any NFT trader when you need data-driven decisions fast. There is no doubt that by minting NFTs you can make some really good profits. This tool gives you an unfair advantage over other traders or minters. Here’s what it can do:

  • Providing the analytics. 
  • 2 Manage your wallets, by distributing and recollecting funds.
  • Check balances and list your NFTs on OpenSea. (X2Y2, coming soon)
  • Discord Portfolio Bot.

Monitoring mints can drive the most profit. It helps you find the real degen mints. Finding a hyped drop is easy. This tool finds the hidden drops that come out of nowhere, for example Dori Samurai. Nexus gives you an edge with:

Monitoring mints.

The feed page is where people spend most of their time. It breaks down a few important sections as follows:

1) Trending Mints

Allows you to quickly see which projects are currently minting, ranked by the number of mints. You can quickly analyze if the mint is worth your attention. It’s broken down in 1-, 3-, 5-, 10-, 30 minutes and 1hr periods.

2) Live Mint Feed

It offers real time mints transactions, like:

  • Mint cost 
  • Gas cost 
  • Contract function name  
3) Analytics

This panel lets you decide whether to mint or hold off. 

4) Notable Minters

This shows who else is minting. Here’s a curated list of notable minters.

5) Quick Buy & Break Even calculations 

You can mint directly from their page.

6) Mass Auto-Minting 
  • Set up various wallets and the site controls it for you. 
  • Mass mint automatically from all your wallets. 
  • There’s no need to sign any transactions. 

This is extremely powerful. You can control and assign each individual wallet. Get one of their Nexus tool passes, and all these functions are at your fingertips. When my team started the research, the price was 0.0175 ETH. A few days later it doubled to 0.34 ETH, and now it’s at 0.4 ETH. So, that’s Nexus, let’s move on to my next pick, Horde AI.

Tool #2: Horde AI

Horde AI is a cross-chain private node access for NFT projects. And why do we need access to a node? Because it enables faster transactions for holders. With NFTs, this can be a decisive advantage. Compare it with a highway, that’s clogged and has traffic jams. However, you’re on a private, almost empty lane. 

It’s a private node instead of a public node. A node is a point in a blockchain network that forwards or passes on data packets. They can do this fast or slow. A private node is fast, which is essential for minting or trading. Another good thing is that you don’t own or run the node, which can be expensive. You just use it. So, you have an industrial grade service for the retail trader.

Owning one of the Horde AI passes gives you not only access to a node. On top of that, you get access to their ecosystem in their Discord. Furthermore, it works on Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. However, their focus right now is on Ethereum.

Their passes come in 6 so-called ‘seasons’. Currently, seasons 1, and 2 are available. They also vary in price. But, once you hold an NFT from a season, you can stake it. This gives you access to a mint for the next season. It also provides access to DeFi education. In the US, they even help you with US tax reporting on gains and losses.

So, their OSM Tools subscription aims for projects and teams. They are now experimenting with subscription prices. The Undead seasons:

These two provide access to the node. Then there are:

They are a partner collection with OSM Tools. Holders get access to tools and can stake for extra capacity on subscriptions. Both are small collections of 333, so I expect the floor to rise soon. So, have you used an NFT tool before? What do you think of these utilities, something that you’re interested in? So, we move on to my last pick of the day. OCB.

Tool #3: OCB On-Chain Buccaneers

The On-Chain Buccaneers, bring the ultimate tool to the table. If you decide on one utility tool, this should be the one. Despite its higher entry price. They are the ultimate group of people, with connections all over the NFT place. 

For instance, BAYC holders are part of this. They provide whitelist opportunities. So, no more grinding. They are so well connected that they get all the good alpha and share it with you. This will improve your trading and collecting game. The research team considers them the best in the industry. But we have good news, their floor price came down this week from almost 07. ETH to 0.5 ETH.

Joining them, by buying one of their NFTs, gives you a lot. For example:

  • Access to their private, token-gated alpha Discord.
  • They have access to private nodes.
  • Through them, you get access to other tools, like Nexus.
  • WL opportunities with immediate flip options.
  • Premium invites to other projects.

What makes them stand out are their connections and network. You can’t copy that, it’s unique. So, my advice is, get their NFT, it’s the top utility NFT available right now. And of course, this not financial advice. DYOR. And that’s all, folks, for this week’s NFT update. Let me know if you use any NFT tools, and if so, which ones.

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