Metabrands: Simple P2E & Metaverse Access

The term DAO couldn’t be hotter in the NFT streets. Short for decentralized autonomous organization, this is the new way to get involved as an investor.

With more Metaverse and P2E opportunities becoming available by the day, it is almost impossible to keep up. MetaBrands has found a solution to this issue. MetaBrands is a DAO that has the vision to create a pool of:

  • Skill
  • Talent
  • Expertise

Such characteristics are used to support projects and brands. MetaBrands provides a single easy point of entry with $MAGE and Relics. To add, the project is cross-chain, promoting interoperability, not only just ETH projects. They plan to create long-term, strategic partnerships with multiple player-owned and P2E economies as well.

What Do You Get for Owning a Relic?

First, owning an NFT Relic from MetaBrands is the key to this new universe they are creating. It functions as a “Multi-Pass to the Metaverse.”

What does this actually mean? Via the MetaBrands Medium page, each NFT provides:

  • Yield Airdrops
    • MAGE tokens and Partner tokens
    • Additionally, MetaBrands’ contributions that earn yield from different levels of participation will be airdropped via MAGE tokens to owners of the Master Relic (tokens purchased from the public market).
  • DAO Participation
    • Voting
    • Create proposals in the DAO for consideration (DAO Portal)
    • Create, vote, approve, and challenge proposals in the DAO for implementation
  • Whitelisting
    • Access and participation in MetaBrands Ventures (private allocations)
    • Access to private areas in different Metaverse ecosystems
    • Additional access to private Discord channels with exclusive benefits

In short, the main draw of buying and holding the Relics is the Partner Airdrops. Instead of having to purchase and track multiple Metaverse/P2E assets, buyers can buy one single token. This token gives them exposure to many P2E and Metaverse assets.

The Benefits of $MAGE Token

$MAGE token is the representation of the MetaBrands DAO’s performance. Additionally, the token acts as the DAO’s governance and utility token for the ecosystem.

Additionally, holders can mint or buy Relics, as well as create and vote on proposals in the DAO. Staking in liquidity pools is also available, allowing users to passively generate $MAGE.

Finally, users can gain whitelist opportunities from holding Relics and staking tokens. Holders of Relics can have the opportunity to win a chance to contribute to MetaBrands Ventures Committee-approved presale and early launches. Additionally, stakers of 1000 $MAGE tokens or more gain the opportunity to participate in early-stage MetaBrand Ventures.

How is the Token Performing?

At the time of writing, $MAGE token is trading at $0.49588, up 18% today. The project has seen $217,549 in trading volume in the last 24 hours as well.

NOTERemember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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