A Google Cloud developer has made a blog post in which he demonstrates how developers can use Chainlink in order to allow the communication between BigQuery and Ethereum.

What is BigQuery?

Simply put, BigQuety is Google’s enterprise cloud data warehouse.

How does it work?

“To retrieve data from BigQuery, a dApp invokes the Chainlink oracle contract and includes payment for the parameterized request to be serviced (e.g. gas price at a specified point in time). One or more Chainlink nodes are listening for these calls, and upon observing, one executes the requested job. External adapters are service-oriented modules that extend the capability of the Chainlink node to authenticated APIs, payment gateways, and external blockchains.”

In other words, the Chainlink nodes will act as a bridge between Ethereum and BigQuery, allowing dApps to access off-chain inputs without having to rely on centralized oracles.

It’s important to know that the dev post is just a demonstration of how Chainlink could work with Ethereum and BiqQuery.

LINK has seen a price surge of about 72% since the blog has been published, so yeah, you could say it had a nice run today, but I am expecting a dump, so be careful (not financial advice, it’s just my opinion).


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