Blockchain-based decentralized platform, TRON has taken its partnership with Samsung to the next level. This has led to the addition of several Tron-based decentralized applications (DApps) to the Samsung Galaxy Store.

According to the announcement via a tweet from its official handle, users can now access TRON DApps on their smartphone and tablet.

However, the new initiative would not be available globally. Countries, where users can access the DApps on Samsung devices, include the US, Canada, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, and some countries in Europe. Moreover, as Tron pointed out availability would vary by carrier, market, and device.

Additionally, the platform noted that on-chain games, such as Blockchain Cuties and Super Player, would also be available. Also, there are plans to add other DApps to the list soon.

Notably, both firms are already in partnership when Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore initially integrated TRON back in 2019. It had also resulted in Samsung Keystore supporting TRX tokens.

Beginning of a new era

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, said the partnership with Samsung was going “to the next level by integrating both ecosystems.”

He explained that this was the beginning of a new era. As he believes, other smartphone manufacturers will follow suit in embracing blockchain.

“If this is to be the case, blockchain applications will become far more normalized. And their reach can extend to everyone who has a smartphone,” he said.

Sun called the collaboration and the DApps being available on the Galaxy Store an “incredible opportunity” for the Tron ecosystem. He felt that this would give them the shot to take top spot in the blockchain community.

Competitive blockchain market

Notably, as TRON continues to expand and partner with other crypto and blockchain firms, there are also other organizations also going the blockchain route.

The blockchain mobile phone space is one of the areas that is quickly picking up. For example, HTC Exodus 1 has launched devices intended to be entirely blockchain-focused. Recently it also enabled Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency mining.

Also, Google recently used its Cloud Public Datasets Program to allow free availability of its public blockchain data in BigQuery.

Recently, TRON (TRX) became available on the BiDao Chain DeFi ecosystem. Also, cryptocurrency hardware wallet firm Ledger announced its support for staking the token. Earlier, we had covered the story of TronWallet updates.


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