TRON Partners Refereum for Gamer Rewards

Leading DApp network, TRON has partnered with the popular gaming platform, Refereum, to enable video game streamers to earn TRX and BitTorrent Token (BTT) rewards.

TRON announced this partnership with Refereum in a press release shared with the Altcoin Buzz team on April 2. Users would thus now be able to earn TRX and BTT tokens as a game reward.

According to the announcement, the partnership gives users access to two of the most liquid and versatile crypto tokens. This would encourage Refereum users who are stuck indoors while also giving them the opportunity to earn tokens.

Increasing participation in blockchain gaming

Blockchain gaming is rapidly becoming a highly-profitable niche. Last November, Refereum had come together with the blockchain streaming platform, DLive. More than 6 million gamers enjoyed the benefit of rewards as a result of that partnership. Then late last year, TRON acquired DLive.

According to the Refereum CEO, Dylan Jones, gamers deserved rewards for engaging in free marketing through streaming services and social media. “It’s our hope that through this partnership with TRON and DLive, we can make time at home more interesting for millions of people by offering rewards for watching game streams,” he added.

“At DLive, we want to do our part in helping stop the spread and contain the Coronavirus. Stay indoors, watch your favorite streamers on DLive, and earn rewards! Let’s have some fun and enjoy some great live-streaming content!,” DLive CEO, Charles Wayn said.

TRON commitment to gaming platforms

TRON is known for its support for gaming firms. It recently added support for Biscuit Labs, the creators of EOS Knight, on its platform.

Also, TRON’s commitment to gaming can be seen in its acquisition of DLive and subsequent partnership with Refereum. Their interests and acquisitions across various verticals of the blockchain and crypto space has added value to streamers and their fans. And moreover, the users have the opportunity to easily earn crypto.

Notably, through gamification of the streaming experience, Refereum and DLive have turned a passive pastime into a dynamic one. At a time when much of the world has been under lockdown by national governments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the TRON-Refereum alliance is set to provide incentives for gamers to stay indoors and earn while being entertained.


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