5 SOARING ChatGPT Crypto AI Tokens

Hey! I’m sure you’ve heard that there’s a new guy in town: CHATGPT. Everyone’s talking about this dude, from Bill Gates to some of the best tech minds around. So, ChatGPT is an AI startup co-founded by Elon Musk and it already has millions of users.

Crypto Twitter has already gone crazy about this new tech. And AI crypto tokens are suddenly getting a long look. Narratives are such a powerful force in deciding what to buy. And AI tokens, fueled by ChatGPT, are the talk of the town. Now could be the right time to get some AI tokens into your portfolio.

In one of our short videos, I talked about a few AI tokens that could take the top spot in the market. Now, we’ll dive deeper into them.

AI Token 1 : Fetch.ai (FET)

The first on our list today is Fetch. This is a decentralized artificial intelligence and machine learning. It  supports the growth of the digital world with the least amount of human interference.

The platform provides programmers with the resources they need to build autonomous agents. These agents can communicate with the network and improve different areas such as,

  • Transportation.
  • Supply chains.
  • Smart homes, and other sectors.

Also, Fetch leverages a global network of data to get things done. Its network includes a decentralized economy comprising:

  • Agents.
  • Data.
  • Services, and digital assets.

All these can work together to identify, negotiate and carry out services. This makes it possible to allocate resources effectively in an unreliable environment. It does this without the need for middlemen. It’s all automated and decentralized.

So, Fetch’s AI-driven technology makes a difference for creators. Users can create elaborate economic models. It’s tech can also improve operations and cut expenses. Fetch is laying the groundwork for an autonomous agent-powered digital economy.

This project has a market cap of around $278.07 million according to Coinmarketcap. So, this project has some cool use cases. And if AI pops as I expect, then Fetch might be one of the gainers.

AI Token 2: SingularityNet (AGIX)

Now, this is one of my favorite AI projects. SingularityNet already has about 60% of its token, $AGIX in circulation. But what I find more interesting isn’t just the numbers but its use cases and massive potential. So, SingularityNET is a blockchain-based AI marketplace. Anyone can “create, share, and monetize” AI services with ease. 

Anybody can use the SingularityNET marketplace to buy different AI services. They only have to use the platform’s native utility token — AGIX.  Interestingly, the marketplace works like a regular outlet. So, AI developers can publish and sell their AI tools.

Now, here’s why this project is special. Marketplaces for services tend to perform pretty well.  That is if the product gets huge demand. Platforms like Fiverr are huge examples of how well marketplaces tend to perform. 

SingularityNet is Fiverr for AI and that has a massive future. Let me show you something crazy about this platform. In 2017 SingularityNet’s ICO sold about $36 million in ONE minute. Now, that’s fast. And it tells you that investors have had their eyes on this project for more  than 5 years. And ChatGPT could be the springboard this AI project needs to boom.

SingularitNet’s goal is simple. They want to ensure AI services are easy to develop. They also want to help integrate AI into applications. Developers will stake their future on this platform. Because it lets them monetize their craft. It also offers them the advantage of having a wide variety of AI algorithms and data sources.

Have you used ChatGPT? Any other AI tools? What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments below.

AI Token 3: Oraichain (ORAI)

OraiChain is pretty popular. It is the world’s first intelligent and secure solution for emerging Web3. It also focuses on scalable Dapps, and decentralized AI. OraiChain operates on an AI layer 1 protocol. It has high interoperability, meaning it’s easy to connect to many different chains.

Oraichain focuses on the aggregation and connection of smart contracts and AI APIs. Oraichain has six features as its focus:

  • AI marketplace.
  • AI Oracle.
  • AI ecosystem.
  • Staking and earning.
  • Test cases.
  • Orai DAO.

So, Oraichain allows the development of smart contracts. These smart contracts can make use of AI models. Orachain’s approach looks like Chainlink or the Band Protocol. But that’s far from it. Oraichain places a greater emphasis on the quality of the AI models and AI APIs.

Each user request comes with a set of test cases attached. And the provider API needs to pass a certain amount of test cases to receive payment. Oraichain is also different from other solutions. Here, validators control the test case features and the quality of the AI models. Here are some of the AI-powered use cases of Oraichain:

  • Fake news detection.
  • Yield farming.
  • Flexible smart contracts and face authentication.

This project has huge potential.

AI Token 4: PlantOn (LAT)

Our fourth AI token is Platon. PlatON is a Web3 infrastructure protocol. It focuses privacy. Something we need much more of. PlatOn is all about letting any system or app use AI with more privacy. And it’s all open source.

PlatON offers a public infrastructure using 4 of the most common types of privacy tech. Then based on the requirements for your app or protocol, you use the tech that works best for you. It focuses on privacy so developers can focus on building.

On a commercial level, PlatON assists enterprises and individuals. Here’s how it works:  individuals and businesses can serve as data owners. They can add data as nodes and take part in computing tasks advertised on the platform. This approach ensures data protection, and ownership identification. It also focuses on identification, asset conversions and pricing while maintaining privacy.

Users can also contribute computing resources to finish other people’s tasks.

AI Token 5: SingularityDAO (SDAO)

Now let’s talk about our final AI project. SingularityDAO is unique in its own way. SingularityDAO is a decentralized, non-custodial, dynamically adjusted basket of tokens (DynaSets). And advanced Artificial Intelligence manages the portfolio. And yes, it is from the same team behind our #2 token Singularity.

The aim is simple. It plans to leverage AI-DeFi to foster the development of decentralized networks. So, SingulaityDAO simply uses AI-DeFi to help the development of the utility-token ecosystem.

SingularityDAO’s DynaSets can use both long and short trading strategies. Also, adding leverage to those trades automatically rebalances its holdings. It also takes positions based on market conditions. Some of the top venture capital and investment firms back SingularityDAO. They include:

  • AlphaBit.
  • Genesis Block Ventures. 
  • SMO Capital.
  • QCP Capital.
  • AU21. 
  • Jun Capital. 
  • Magnus Capital.
  • Moonwhale Ventures.
  • Phoenix VC.

The SingularityDAO’s native token is the ERC-20 governance token, $SDAO. The $SDAO token gives holders the ability to vote on community decisions. At the time of writing this article, $SDAO trades at $0.476168. And 71% of the token is in circulation.

Now, that’s it for this article. Let me know which of these AI projects will caught your interest the most.

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