An account is impersonating Bakkt

There’s a blizzard out there. Something very bizarre is happening with the crypto market. And everyone seems to be pointing fingers at Bakkt. But there’s more happening and we want you to stay on the safe side.

Over the last two days, the crypto market has toppled down by $30 bn in value. While experts state it might be too soon to hold BAKKT responsible, there is somebody out there scamming the Bitcoin futures platform protagonists.

In spite of savage community criticism, the platform is proud of its achievements. And this was evident from their end of the second-day tweet. Particularly, when they mentioned the 166 lots that changed hands over the platform. But that’s not what caught our attention.

It was a reply to this tweet below that made us curious.


A “seemingly” official Twitter handle of BAKKT surged the community excitement with something special for this day. As it announced an official BTC and ETH giveaway.

We followed the tweet instructions and were redirected to a medium channel- And the giveaway seemed to be irresistible: 5,000 BTC and 20,000 ETH!

In the postscript, it asks the participants to click on a link to deposit BTC or ETH. And receive an additional 100% bonus.

BAKKT Medium Fake


While a few of the Twitter users claim they did receive a 100% bonus of what they deposited, many identified it as a scam.

At press time, the tweet has already received 96 re-tweets. And we smell a “SCAM”.

Why do we think so?

Altcoin Buzz scrutinized this particular handle. It looked nothing like the official handle except for the logo. With a mere 1 follower, it was shouting out “FAKE HANDLE”.

BAKKT fake twitter

BAKKT already has a lot on its plate right now. While it has been quiet about the allegations of executing dump and pump, it’s time to act. Someone from BAKKT needs to report about this fake account before it rips people off their crypto and the real “BAKKT” gets blamed.



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