New champions are out there! About 2 months back, I took a unique position in the crypto market. I invested $1500 in altcoins that hold a SUPER STRONG narrative in the next bull run. And after this recent rally I am 100% sure this is where my money should be. Because many of these altcoins made double digit gains and one clocked 81% gains. 

If you miss this list, it would be a shame because these altcoins could result in really MASSIVE GAINS.

My Top 8 Altcoin Picks

It’s been almost 2 full months since I invested in these coins. This $1500 Portfolio came from deep research at Altcoin Buzz. Entire focus of the research team was to find the strongest crypto narratives for next bullrun and then identify the leaders in those narratives.  

That’s why we have these coins selected that we do. Now lets look at the narratives and the coins. We have Layer 1s like Avalanche and NEAR. We have Layer 2s with Polygon and GMX as a proxy for Arbitrum. We have market segment leaders like LINK for oracles, Secret for privacy, and Algorand for issuance of CBDCs.

crypto portfolio

Also, we picked ATOM for interoperability. Many on this list fall in more than one of these categories. Then, MATIC is clearly a leading chain on its own too. GMX is the leading DEX in all L2s.

On the other hand, ATOM is the leading Layer 0. And we can go on and on but let’s see how they did. So our final list is:

  • MATIC.
  • AVAX.
  • GMX.
  • ATOM.
  • Near.
  • LINK.
  • Secret.
  • Algorand.

But first, do you have any of these altcoins in your portfolio? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Winners & Losers

The market has been pretty good since January. We don’t know if the bear is over or if this is a bear market rally or a bull trap. But conditions have improved. So much so that all 8 of our coins are in the money.

But some did do better than others. However, the question is which ones will explode in coming bull rally?

Bitcoin the Benchmark Reveals

Before we revisit our altcoin picks let take a look at how Bitcoin performed in this same period from early January until now, went up 43.44%. Wow that’s a huge return for just 2 months. But some of our picks did even better than that. Starting with our lowest return:

For example, SCRT was up “ONLY” 8.70% in 60 days. Crazy that’s the lowest, isn’t it? It’s still a good return. And clearly, we would be happy with that return especially when the fundamentals haven’t changed at all. We still like Secret as much as we did when we bought it.

Coming in next at 13.04% is Algorand. Again, we have a good project with no change in fundamentals and a great return. Just lower than the others. The last 2, coming in at 19% and 22% just under Bitcoins 43% are ATOM and Chainlink. Both gave us a great return but slightly less than Bitcoin.

The Winners

So that means our other 4 coins did even better than Bitcoin’s 43.44% return over this time. Our leader at 81.74% is GMX. If you’ve been following the market and CryptoTwitter recently, then this probably does not surprise you.

All things Arbitrum are hot. Anticipation of an airdrop, more transaction volume than Ethereum one day in late February, more great dApps launching there almost daily. It’s firing on all cylinders right now.

Then, the last 3 all did between 50-53% in the same 2 months that Bitcoin earned 43.44% First, at 50% is Near. Ethereum’s Shanghai Update is benefitting NEAR. Why? Because all these updates of The Merge, the Purge, etc, are all to prepare Ethereum for sharding as its major scaling solution. And Near does it already. You don’t have to wait.

That plus a healthy ecosystem and its Aurora EVM, and it has solutions to lots of blockchain scaling questions. Then our last 2 are our 2 biggest projects on this list. Avalanche came in at 51% while Polygon came in at 53%.

Any of these returns on a big, solid project like this would be welcome at any time. The idea that these returns even beat Bitcoin when the entire market was increasing is awesome.

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