massive potential airdrop

History tells us that airdropped coins fall hard. But I cannot ignore the fact that airdrops are always free money. So here I am with another time-sensitive opportunity to make free money in crypto. 

This is the simplest airdrop ever. The best part is that you can become eligible for 2 more bonuses if you play smart. Let me walk you through the entire process step by step.

Launch of gCOTI

COTI has been in the news a lot recently. Their DJED stablecoin is the biggest thing to hit Cardano in a long time. And just last week, they announced they are going multi-chain. DJED will go to Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain too.

Every ecosystem is looking for a quality stablecoin. Especially a decentralized one that doesn’t have to rely on USDC or Tether. That includes DAI, which has a big USDC backing now.

COTI itself is a financial app chain. Appchains are a narrative in crypto we like a lot. The idea of making the tech tradeoffs you need based on what 1 industry or sector needs is smart planning to me. Finance, and payments to be exact, are among the few real true everyday use cases for crypto. And COTI is all about payments.

What is gCOTI?

gCOTI is the COTI governance token. The TGE was on February 14th. To take part in governance, you need to stake your COTI. When you do, you receive gCOTI.

The total supply is 1 billion tokens. And with your gCOTI, you can:

  • Do governance stuff like a vote or create proposals.
  • Earn more from the Treasury Reserve Fund. The Treasury Reserve Fund is where the COTI Treasury will manage its money. You earn a higher interest rate if you have COTI and gCOTI than COTI alone.
  • Buy liquidated funds from loans and funds that drop below the minimum 110% collateral at a discount.

So you see there are some nice benefits to owning gCOTI. Especially so if you own COTI already or intend to. Do you own COTI already? Maybe you prefer another app chain? Let us know in the comments below.

gCOTI Airdrop

Now here is the best part if you are already a COTI fan. gCOTI is coming to you by way of airdrop. A total of 520 million tokens or 52% of the total supply are going to the COTI community by airdrop. And it’s taking place RIGHT NOW. There are 2 programs in this campaign so you can qualify.

Program 1

The first program is to get native COTI and stake it at the Treasury for 6,9, or 12 months. You would be earning interest on this COTI anyway. But now if you do so right now, you make yourself eligible for some of that 520 million gCOTI. They have a formula and multiplier based on the amount you stake.

But here is the important thing. You get BOTH. Both the APY you would have gotten AND the gCOTI token too. Starting now you have until ~April 14th to do this to qualify. You also need the native Viper Wallet to do this.

Program 2

Starting in the 3rd week of April, and going for 2 weeks is the 2nd program option. This program is also for COTI Pay Viper Wallet owners. COTI Pay is COTI’s payment system. If you want to do this program, sign up for the wallet now because there is a verification process that takes a couple of days.

So you have a COTI Pay Viper Wallet. To qualify for the airdrop of gCOTI, you have to deposit one of:

  • ERC-20 version of COTI.
  • ERC 20 versions of USDC or USDT.

All for the same 6,9, or 12-month period as Program 1. When you do, you will receive rewards in gCOTI and qualify for the airdrop too. And a great benefit is that you start earning on your gCOTI right away. Pretty cool.

If all that is a little too much to follow, there is a tutorial video from COTI about it that you can check out here. Save it so you can watch it when you finish here.

Airdrop Bonuses

But that’s not all. There are 2 bonuses you can get too. The first bonus is that you don’t have to have the Viper Wallet to get the airdrop.

An exchange-based airdrop is in the plans too. COTI hasn’t announced it yet though. But holders of the ERC-20 version of COTI meaning in any ETH-based wallet could qualify for an airdrop too.

But more details are coming soon on that. The 2nd bonus is a sweet addition for everyone. On March 28, COTI announced that for everyone currently using the COTI Treasury there’s a bonus. We know some of you are already out there using it based on our comments on previous videos.

COTI took an extra snapshot on March 28th for current users. And those users are eligible for a pool of 2 million more gCOTI. To be clear, this is on top of the 520 million from the 2 airdrop eligible programs. So it’s a bonus to thank dedicated COTI users. What a great deal.

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