The move from Web2 to Web3 is in full swing. Morpheus Labs is one of the key players in this transition. To make this transition even smoother, Morpheus Labs introduced Morpheus Hub. This is a launchpad, that accelerates the Web3 adoption. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to adopt Web3 technology.

So, let’s take a closer look at the Morpheus Hub by Morpheus Labs.

What Is Morpheus Hub By Morpheus Labs?

Morpheus Hub by Morpheus Labs is a business collaboration hub. It offers state-of-the-art tools that speed up Web3 adoption. As you may know by now, it already plays a crucial part in this adoption process. We covered this in-depth in our previous coverage. Now Morpheus Labs has launched Morpheus Hub. 

Morpheus Hub is a launchpad that stimulates Web3 adoption. This design offers Web2 firms an easy Web3 entry. Morpheus Labs accommodates this with a strong low-code AI suite. It combines this with a powerful network of well-known partners. These partners include, among others, 

  • Huawei Cloud
  • Tencent Cloud
  • Ant Group
  • AWS 
  • Alibaba Cloud

This amplifies what Morpheus Labs already has to offer. Furthermore, it extends the limits for a digital transformation into Web3. This places Morpheus Labs as one of the regional key players in Asia. Notice all the huge Asian tech firms on this list. Firms looking into this transition find all the necessary tools. At the same time, they have access to strategic partnerships.

As a result, the Morpheus Labs ecosystem keeps growing, offering improved benefits. Some major takeaways are the reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Morpheus Labs

Source: Morpheus Hub

Morpheus Hub Tools

Morpheus Labs already has an existing toolbox to assist with the Web3 transition. These include, among others, 

  • ML SEED platform — This is their blockchain-as-a-service platform. You can find advanced and integrated ready-to-use Web3 solution templates here. For example, you can build Dapps here. It’s also home to the CDE or Collaborative Development Environment. This allows various persons or teams to work on projects from different locations.
  • Smart Contract Studio — This accommodates Al-Powered smart contract building and testing. Design, deploy, and test smart contracts. 
  • Web3 Workflow Studio — Here you can find a platform that offers low code automation. It also offers reliable and secure operations. 

In the Morpheus Hub, you can find plenty of other advantages. The Morpheus Labs ecosystem offers, for example,

  • Collaboration with high-profile partners — Connect with top industry leaders. For instance, Huawei, Tencent, ANT Group, or Alibaba. This can be, for instance, in the field of marketing or joint product offerings. 
  • Automation — This makes everything simpler. AI-powered tools offer efficient usage of your resources.
  • Inclusive access to resources — Ecosystem partners offer a variety of benefits. These range from resources to discounts or even grants.

Morpheus Labs is gearing up to offer more collaborations. Among others, this will strengthen their low-code Web3 tools. This also includes new partnerships and their associated services. Their current roster of partners and investors includes, for example,

  • The Above Listed Cloud partners
  • PingCap 
  • Coinweb
  • SotaTek

The Hub is onboarding clients now. They can take full advantage of all the benefits the Morpheus Hub offers. For instance, Coinweb (connects blockchains), GEMS (e-sports/blockchain gaming), or Staynex (travel platform). More L1 projects are about to onboard soon. They come from verticals like gaming or powering Web2 services. The following video show the Smart Contract Studio.


Morpheus Labs recently introduced Morpheus Hub. With this launchpad, it cements its place in the Web2 to Web3 transition space. With plenty of industry leaders as partners or investors, it offers a strong hub. It already has a strong blockchain-as-a-service position in the market. With the Morpheus Hub, it is also easier to connect to their ecosystem. Here, Web2 firms can and take full advantage of what Morpheus Labs and its Hub have to offer.

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