Currently, there’s a whole string of Web2 social media giants out there. For example, Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram. However, ways of monetizing your content on their platforms are almost non-existent. RepubliK is the new social media platform that’s about to change this. 

RepubliK rewards you for your contributions to their platform. You receive XP, and this qualifies you for a continuous airdrop. So, let’s find out more about what RepubliK is and how it works.

What is RepubliK?

RepubliK is all about supercharging the creator economy. It’s a decentralized Web3 social media platform. In other words, you receive rewards for your contributions to the platform. These rewards are in the form of XP points. You can think of them as ‘experience’ in a computer game. 

Once you start earning XP, this qualifies you for a weekly airdrop of their RPK token. So, now that we are on the topic of airdrops. Before I continue, the official RKP launch is coming up on Tuesday 14th November. It will list on a couple of big exchanges soon, too.

So, the platform bases all airdrops on your XP points. In other words, get your content up. For instance, RepubliK has now a seamless integration with TikTok. This allows you to upload your TikTok videos straight onto RepubliK. 

The good news is, that the airdrops will keep coming. They don’t stop after the token launch. Each week, you can earn new airdrops, by collecting XP. There’s also only one token. So, there’s no confusion about the use cases of this token. It’s like a Swiss army knife. 

Be aware that there’s no conversion rate from XP to RPK. However, there’s a variable conversion rate in place. It depends on the total of XP you collected during a week on one side. On the other side, it depends on the total number of XP floating around during a week on the platform. So, if you have 1% of the total XP after a week, you receive 1% of the RPK for that week. This dynamic model benefits active users.

RepubliK’s goal is to onboard as many Web2 users into Web3. That’s why they offer seamless integrations with TikTok and Instagram.


Source: RepubliK

The RPK Token and the Airdrops

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the RPK token and the weekly airdrops. By now, you already know that the more you contribute to the platform, the more XP you will earn. You can do this in various ways, for instance, by,

  • Interacting with content from other creators.
  • Get ‘likes’ for your content. 
  • Use the referral link and get people to sign up through your links.
  • Stay active and get daily log-in streaks. These reset every 7-days.

Gaining more XP unlocks new levels. These levels give you more privileges and allow you to attend special events. As a result, you get multipliers for your XP. However, if you are inactive for a 7-day period, the platform will deduct XP due to the inactivity. This continues until your XP balance is at zero if you remain inactive.

The RPK token has a max supply of 3 billion tokens. For the RPK that you earn, there’s no vesting. You can withdraw to exchanges that offer RPK or add it to your wallet. Keep in mind, that when you’re on Web3 platforms, only you are responsible for the safety of your tokens. Make sure that you understand how crypto wallets function.

When you withdraw your RPK, there will be a cost involved. This is the gas fee. Each blockchain has different rates for these gas fees. RepubliK plans to be multichain. This allows you to keep the gas fees low.

The RPK token has various use cases. For example,

  • Governance and voting rights. It’s not like a DAO token. However, you earn a status that allows you to perform certain governance tasks. 
  • Stake to the platform. 
  • Pay transaction fees.  
  • Tipping. 
  • Access to paywall content. 
  • Pay to access chats with specific creators.
The Upcoming RPK IDO

The original plan saw the RPK IDO at an earlier date. However, the team decided to delay the token launch for a valid reason. There are anti-bot measures in place. And with good reason, they detected over 150k accounts as bot accounts. As a result, the team deleted these accounts. There are other measures in place and they will continue until the launch date.

All collected platform fees will find its way back to the creators. They are part of the weekly airdrops. Existing users can also look forward to an extension of the boosted XP period. You can also take part in their Galxe tasks.


RepubliK is a new social media platform that rewards its users. The more active you are, the more rewards you will gain. There’s a system in place that rewards you with XP. With these XPs, you receive weekly airdrops of the RPK token. The RPK token IDO is this coming Tuesday, 14th November.


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