Crypto launchpads are becoming significant in today’s economy. Launchpads offer extremely attractive short- and long-term opportunities. They also offer the chance to secure an allotment as an early adopter if they meet certain conditions.

Seedify, an innovative launchpad, frequently releases features to improve its system. The latest announcement from the launchpad is the upcoming release of an NFT platform. NFTs, which stand for non-fungible tokens, are becoming increasingly popular within the crypto space. For example, a huge chunk of the revenues generated by crypto projects in 2021 was from NFTs.

The Seedify NFT Ecosystem

The world is going digital, and every goal-oriented project is making plans to align with the future trend. These days, the metaverse is a buzzword for every tech enthusiast. The world is on the edge of a digital revolution. Soon, every physical item will have a digital avatar. Although this revolution is still in its cradle stage, it offers the world a huge market.

Seedify will grab this exciting future and grant its users the first-hand experience. The platform announced its latest invention, “a space,” which will be home to metaverse assets and in-game assets. Space is more than an NFT marketplace; it is the gateway to a digital future.

Space to Focus on Metaverse and In-Game Assets

Seedify’s space will focus mainly on metaverse assets and in-game assets. However, these sectors will also witness a slew of other intriguing applications yet imagined or invented. Also, the Seedify NFT Space will seek to resolve the flaws in the existing NFT marketplaces.

Although NFT marketplaces have advanced the adoption of the digital world, there are still several setbacks. These include the inability to support metaverse and in-game asset collections. Also, there is a problem with cost and a complex user interface. In a nutshell, games and the metaverse do not have a dedicated NFT space that caters to the needs of these users. Seedify hopes to address this concern.

Space Will Possess Advanced Features

Seedify’s innovations often come with advanced features that go beyond the norm. Space is more than an NFT marketplace. It will feature advanced capabilities in addition to a marketplace that would help it achieve its digital ambitions. Space will connect gamers and collectors with creators and developers and expand the use-cases for Seedify’s SFUND token.

Space will have the following features:

  • Kickstarter-like functions – will enable users to finance collections before they are completely released. In addition, this function will allow them to acquire mint spots, freebies, and other perks. As a result, Space will encourage more significant innovation and provide a method to invest early in NFT ventures.
  • Auto-launch features – supported by a web of launchpads, which commenced with Seedify’s IGO, IMO, and INO Launchpads. This feature offers help in community building, promotion, and collaborations. In addition, Space would host several critical areas that help NFT collections and other projects find success.
  • Reward System – Seedify NFT Space will offer users a chance to take part in the digital revolution and reward them for it. Each transaction in Space has an opportunity to win a prize based on an RNG. Space will give out these rewards as NFT. Users will then purchase the reward via a pool funded by 50% of trade commission fees. However, the rewards do not have similar prices. Some are more expensive than others. Also, higher purchases will have a better chance of dropping rarer rewards.
The $SNFTS Token and Airdrop

Although Seedify’s Space funding mechanisms will employ $SFUND, Space will have its own native token called $SNFTS. The native token will minimize transaction costs and enhance the RNG rates of receiving uncommon NFT prizes.

Furthermore, Space will utilize its $SNFTS to support future engagements, promotion, and growth by creating a treasury. However, Seedify will not sell any $SNFTS tokens. Rather, Seedify will airdrop the tokens at a 20:1 ratio to holders of the SFUND token. Furthermore, snapshots assembled in five weeks will decide each owner’s sum of tokens.

Seedify, a Thriving Launchpad
Seedify is one of the launchpads bringing blockchain gaming to new heights. Several blockchain games have used Seedify’s environment to access funding. In addition, Seedify offers project owners a safe community where they can access help and support. All these drive blockchain gaming to new heights.

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