SpaceX IEO is live

The Elon Musk-led project SpaceX aims to colonize Mars. And has been through a lot of controversies. But the good news is that it is progressing. In light of this, the Latoken exchange continues with the USPX IEO. It is the same IEO that encourages crypto users to invest in Space Exploration Technologies Corp. And it has been live for the last 6 days.

The crypto sphere witnessed a lot of noise when Latoken mentioned SpaceX two weeks back. It seems the community misunderstood some facts. According to Latoken, this IEO has nothing to do with Elon Musk and his space project. It is a token issued by Unicorn Tokenization Corp. that intends to support SpaceX. Threesixty Elements S.A., an SEC-regulated investment strategy firm manages Unicorn Tokenization Corp.
What is the usage of the USPX token?
USPX and SpaceX share an economic equation. Explaining it further, USPX is an Ambisafe Regulatory Aware Protocol token. The value of 10 USPX is equal to 1 share of SpaceX that is still at the pre-IPO stage.

The Unicorn Tokenization Corp. intends to acquire a direct or indirect interest in the Space Exploration Technologies Corp shares. The funds that are not used to do so will stand returned to the USPX investors within 90 days of the offer’s closing date.

Cash-out event
The USPX Token holders will receive dividends as SpaceX disposes of its shares by IPO. Unicorn Tokenization Corp. will distribute the dividend to token holders. The token price determination is simple. According to the financial equation 10 USPX = 1 SpaceX share.
As per Latoken CEO, Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, this is a great move by Unicorn Tokenization Corp. It democratizes the capital market. And opens up new realms of real-time events on people’s investment.
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