what is qnt coin

One of the major goals of the traditional internet is to be open, dependable and secure. However, that dream largely remains unrealized. As a result, blockchain technology stands as the only possible solution.

Blockchain has a vast application across industries such as healthcare, finance, sports etc. With blockchain, the world has a shot at a truly decentralized net. Interestingly, there are a couple of projects working to boost blockchain adoption and interoperability. Some enjoy the spotlight more than others. However, this article will talk about the QNT coin and what it is all about.

What is QNT Coin?

QNT coin is the native ERC-20 token of the Quant Network established in 2015 by Gilbert Verdian. Quant network ensures interoperability between multiple blockchains and enables flexible connections between chains and global networks. The network uses the Overledger operating system to automate the trust function between different blockchains.

Quant is largely referred to as the first Operational System built for blockchains, aimed at connecting blockchains and networks on a global scale without affecting their interoperability.

Interestingly, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) controls QNT as a utility token which grants users access to digital services. Developers need to have the QNT token to build on Overledger. However, developers pay for licenses to use Quant Network’s services with fiat money, which the Quant Treasury subsequently converts to QNT cryptocurrency. This suggests that companies don’t need to engage with exchanges directly in order to make compliant purchases.

So, developers can create decentralized multi-chain applications (often referred to as MApps) for their clients using Overledger. However, they need to hold a specific number of Quant tokens to build a Mapp on the network.

How Many Quant Coins Are There?

At the time of writing this article, the circulating supply of QNT is 14,544,190 QNT coins and a max. supply of 14,612,493 QNT coins. QNT currently trades at $129.97. You can purchase QNT at

  • Binance,
  • MEXC,
  • Bitrue,
  • BingX,
  • Tapbit.
Who Owns Quant Crypto?

As mentioned earlier, Gilbert Verdian founded the Quant network. He got the concept for the blockchain project while he was employed in the medical field. Verdian recognized the importance of interoperability in guaranteeing the coverage of patients registered on various systems.

Verdian has more than two decades of experience in building the security, technology, and business strategies of businesses all over the world. Prior to starting the Quant Network, Verdian held the positions of chief information security officer (CIO), for Vocalink, the chief information officer for NSW Ambulance, and security lead for the UK’s Ministry of Justice.

Dr. Paolo Tasca, the second co-founder, is an entrepreneur and digital economist with a focus on distributed systems. Both founders have developed the Quant network into a noteworthy platform with a unique offering.

To learn more about the QNT coin, read part two in our article series.

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