Affyn & Nexus Metaverse

The NEXUS World metaverse is entering a new phase. With city launches coming up, you can buy your desired land locations that are mapped to the real world.

So, let’s have a look at what Affyn and the NEXUS World metaverse have to offer.

What Is Affyn and the NEXUS World Metaverse?

Affyn is a Singapore-based company that developed the NEXUS World metaverse. NEXUS World is a play-and-earn and free-to-play metaverse. You can buy land and become mayor of your digital NFT land plot. This allows you to tax everybody who visits your land. In other words, a great way to earn passive income. An explanation of how to buy land is coming up shortly. For a more in-depth explanation, you can read our previous article about this.

In a play-and-earn blockchain game, there are also NFT characters that make up the gameplay. The first collection in NEXUS World of 400 Buddies is Generation Zero Buddies. They sold out in 100 seconds during mint. Now you can find them on OpenSea with a floor price of 4.6 ETH.

So, let’s do a recap on what has happened with Affyn since October. The following video gives you some good reasons why you’d want to be a landowner in NEXUS World. 

How To Make Money from Affyn’s Land

Here is a quick recap of the many ways Affyn’s Land offers passive income:

Earn Rewards from Player Traffic
  • Each Land NFT has a unique corresponding geolocation.
  • As a Landowner, you can host events, activities, and campaigns.
Spawn Rare Buddies
  • Each Land has its own unique combination of natural features (permanent).
Become Mayor of a Hometown
  • Each Land NFT is a Hometown.
  • As an owner of the Land NFT, you are the Mayor of the Hometown
  • Mayors have full control and power over the admission of Citizens
  • Mayors can receive taxes from the earnings of their Citizens
Earn from Developing Your Land 
  • Build businesses on Land
  • Rent to other players
Ongoing Flag Sales are Live in December

The first phase of flag sales kick-started in October. A total of 48,482 flags are up for sale in the current phase. There are total of 100,000 plots of Freehold Land for sale in NEXUS World – half are available in the pre-game launch phase, and the second half post-game launch.

However, you need to buy flags first. With these flags, you can claim land. There are four different categories of Land:

  • Common is 1 flag
  • Rare is 3 flags
  • Epic is 9 flags
  • and Mythical is 27 flags

Phase One of the flag sale is ongoing at a price of 1995 FYN per flag. So, you can buy a maximum of 55 flags at any one point. At today’s price, 1995 FYN per flag is ~$80.

If you own one of the Gen Zero Buddies NFTs, you get an Epic land plot airdropped. You can now get these Buddies on OpenSea. The following picture shows four different biomes (or climates) of land plots in NEXUS World.


Source: NEXUS World

 City Launches in December

In December, the first city in the NEXUS World metaverse will be revealed. Now you can take your flags and start claiming land. Once you claim your Land with the flags, there’s something special about it. Each Land has its own unique corresponding geolocation in the real world. You can identify it by Cell ID, latitude, and longitude. So, it feels like buying real land. How cool is that?

If you still like to get your hands on flags, here are the steps to follow.

You can watch this short video trailer. It explains what your flags, land buying, and life in the NEXUS World metaverse look like.


Affyn has some exciting new updates for its NEXUS World metaverse, this December. Holding flags allows you to claim your land of choice. You can develop and co-create this land in the NEXUS World metaverse economy. And if you want to get your hands on a couple of remaining flags, feel free to do so here.

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