In today’s Web3 era, many sectors in Web2 are being disrupted. For example, Real World Assets (RWA), Gaming, Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and much more. Among these, one sector remains largely under the radar – Education. Combine this with Web3, and we’ve got Edu3Labs, a new and promising crypto project. 

So, what’s Edu3Labs all about? Let’s dive in right away.

What Is Edu3Labs?

In a nutshell, Edu3Labs is like the Web3 version of Udemy. It’s a platform that combines blockchain and education. With it, token holders, learners, and content creators come together to help each other. Moreover, Edu3Labs aims to make learning fun and engaging for its learners.

To add on, the platform uses the latest A.I technology as well! With A.I, each learner’s experience can be customized to suit their needs. As a learner, you stand to earn rewards too. This is done through the project’s Study-and-Earn model. And, by completing quizzes and courses. With that, you’re eligible to earn rewards. As a content creator, you’re able to monetize your content online.

Next, let’s segue into the main products on the platform.

What Does Edu3Labs Offer? 

To answer this question, let us take a look at the platform’s features.

  • NFT marketplace. Here, creators and learners come together for mutual benefit, rewards and growth. As of now, the NFT marketplace is live and running.
  • Corporate. With Corporate, companies can improve the capabilities of its workforce.
  • Edutainment. Here, you can access games that focus on education. Who says learning can’t be fun?
  • Software. Edu3Labs provides software solutions for blockchain companies and developers.
Edu3Labs - 1
Source: Edu3Labs Website

So far, we can see that Edu3Labs provides a wide range of services. But wait! That’s not all. The team isn’t stopping here.

Edu3Verse – A Metaverse for Education

To tie it all together, the platform plans to launch Edu3Verse. As the name suggests, it’s a metaverse platform. Simply put, a virtual city built for education and fostering a strong community. It’ll enable all parties to learn, play, collaborate and connect in a one-stop destination.

As of time of writing, the team aims to launch Edu3Verse by Q3 2024. To find out more about the project’s roadmap, check out the tweet below.

Why Should I Take Edu3Labs Seriously?

In every crypto project, credibility matters. And for this project, this isn’t an issue at all. Why is that so? Well, let’s begin by looking at its team.


Here, we can see that the team is:

  1. Fully doxxed. This means that all the team members have their identities shown. This improves the credibility of the project.
  2. Experienced. Many of the team members have ample experience in the Web3, education and business fields. This provides assurance on the long-term success of the project.

On top of that, the project has advisors that have experience too. Again, this brings greater confidence for investors.

Edu3Labs - Team
Source: Edu3Labs Website
Investors and Partners

Edu3Labs has a long list of investors and partners. These include AWS, Microsoft, Open Campus, BNB Chain and more.

The $NFE Token

No crypto project is truly complete without a native token. Edu3Labs has its own too, namely the $NFE token. $NFE has a lot of use cases, which comprise of:

  • Access to exclusive content and lessons
  • Discounts on courses and content
  • Discounts on commission fees for NFEs trading on the marketplace
  • Staking for rewards and access
  • Access to Edu3Labs’ in-built launchpad
  • Access to award-winning educational competitions
  • Access to events held on Edu3Verse
  • Access to networking events

Indeed, we can see that $NFE is important to the platform’s success. It is the lifeblood of the entire community.

But, how can you get your hands on some $NFE? Since Edu3Labs is a new project, you’ve got to get its token through an Initial DEX Offering (IDO). Fret not! We’ve got all the details ready for you in the following section.

$NFE IDO Coming Soon. Key Metrics and Token Generation Event (TGE) Details
  • IDO Platforms: EnjinStarter and GameFi
  • Website:
  • Twitter:
  • Launch date:
    • Register Interest Period:
      • EnjinStarter: 3AM UTC, 28 Feb 2024 to 3AM UTC, 1 Mar 2024
      • GameFi (Whitelist Phase): Ongoing till 4 Mar 2024
    • IDO:
      • EnjinStarter: 4 Mar 2024
      • GameFi: 4 Mar 2024 to 5 Mar 2024
    • IDO Price: $0.03
    • Guaranteed Allocation Pool (GAP) round:
      • EnjinStarter: 9AM UTC, 4 Mar 2024 to 9AM UTC, 5 Mar 2024
    • First Come First Serve (FCFS) round:
      • EnjinStarter: 1PM UTC, 5 Mar 2024 to 1PM UTC, 6 Mar 2024
  • Initial Supply: 7,500,000 $NFE
  • Total Supply: 900,000,000 $NFE
  • Initial Market Cap: $225,000
  • Total Raise: $2,500,000
  • Vesting: 15% unlock at TGE, then 1 month cliff monthly and 4 months linear vesting
  • EnjinStarter: 3-day Optional Refund, GameFi: Refund Available

And if you are registered on DAOMaker, you can find IDO details there, too.


Alright! That does it for our introduction to Edu3Labs. In this piece, we went through what the project is all about. We also took a look at the team behind the project. Lastly, we learned about what the $NFE token does, and how to buy it through an IDO.

All in all, Edu3Labs looks poised to take the Web3 education sector by storm. Could it be the Udemy of the Web3 space? Only time will tell.



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