What’s in Store for Amasa?

Another interesting project is set to bring new twists and turns to both Web3 and the DeFi ecosystem. Micro-income and DeFi platform Amasa has released details of its upcoming product updates.

According to the announcement, the updates on Amasa will include UI and UX designs, technical updates, product architecture, etc. This article covers the in-depth details of these upcoming updates and what Amasa users should expect in the coming months.

Following its IDO event last October, Amasa has grown steadily. Attracting the attention of enthusiasts while working on launching its first functional version soon. Amasa is also focused on facilitating the global adoption of Web3 platforms as well as bringing to light the wealth-building capacity of DeFi. To achieve this, the platform has released details of several upcoming development updates expected to take place soon.

According to the announcement, the updates will involve four crucial aspects of Amasa, namely:

  • Amasa product and development foundation
  • UI and UX design
  • Also, technical updates and development
  • Lastly, Amasa product architecture

Together, these updates will bring the platform closer to its main product launch expected to take place in mid-2022.

More on the Updates

First on the list of Amasa updates is:

1. Product and Development Foundations

This development update involves two main aspects: the Amasa Team and more product research and environmental analysis.

  • Amasa Team – Amasa boasts of experienced and professional team members focused on facilitating the seamless launch of the Amasa project. The team currently includes lead developers, senior developer, developer, solutions architect, project manager, product manager, etc. There’s also a lot of collaboration between Amasa’s development and design team and its marketing and partnership teams. Each working both individually and collectively to facilitate the smooth launch of the project.
  • Further product research and environmental analysis – This includes in-depth product assessment, external environmental analysis, infrastructure setup, planning, etc.
2. Product Architecture

This update builds on the idea and insights made from the foundational research and planning. The team is developing smart contracts using Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). Some of these smart contracts include:

  • Smart contract designed to allow micro-income providers to send tokens to Amasa.
  • A smart contract that allows users to determine how their funds are allocated. This smart contract creates, sets, and automatically retrieves user assets based on their preferences.
  • Also, smart contracts focused on bridging funds between different blockchains.
  • Lastly, a smart contract that facilitates token swaps.
3. UX and UI Design

With the completion of the user workflow designs, Amasa teams will move on to UX and UI designs. Also, these designs focus on streamlining onboarding processes. These processes include helping users easily connect their wallets, confirm and fix auto-allocations, etc.

4. Technical Development

With the completion of the UX and UI design, the team will focus their activities on other technical updates.

These updates also include:

  • The launch of smart contract infrastructure like the launch of native tokens, swapping, withdrawal of tokens, etc.
  • Next, is the Amplify and Stablecoin liquidity pools.
  • Lastly, front-end tasks such as wallet connection and onboarding flow.

Amasa is working on creating the world’s first-ever decentralized micro-income stream app. Making it easy to access and combine micro-income streams to become stable income. Amasa is also focused on empowering people to have access to the wealth-building potential of both DeFi and micro-income streams.

In conclusion, we expect these updates to be completed by March 2022, in preparing for Amasa’s launch in mid-2022.

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