top 3 p2e games in avalanche

People have been looking for scalable P2E games alternatives ever since CryptoKitties caused issues for Ethereum in late 2017. One blockchain that has been gaining traction in the gaming scene is Avalanche. 

The network has an abundance of active and upcoming titles in its arsenal. Its gaming ecosystem has established a name for itself and is in a prime position to seize a significant portion of the Web3 gaming scene.

Most of the present NFT market, including NFT-powered crypto games, is handled by Ethereum and its connected sidechains and scaling solutions, such as Polygon. Nonetheless, in recent years, we’ve seen an uptick in the number of developers building Avalanche.

Why build on Avalanche?

Ava Labs built Avalanche as a platform for anyone to design their own blockchain. It is a Smart Contract framework that is:

  1. Secure
  2. Scalable
  3. High-performing
  4. Modular
  5. Customizable.

So, the Avalanche protocol’s subnets feature is tailor-made to fuel the economics of massively multiplayer crypto games. A subnet on Avalanche is a standalone instance of the platform built for a particular dapp or game, like a white-label solution for a custom blockchain. Moreover, the subnet uses the same security protocols as Avalanche but is isolated from the rest of the network not to compromise its integrity.

For instance, if you’re running your game on a subnet, it won’t be affected if another app or game on Avalanche is clogging up the main network. Similarly, a subnet’s most popular game will not interfere with other Avalanche services. Besides, having the freedom to select the token used to pay transaction gas costs is another perk of the subnet.

Avalanche allows game studios and developers to build their own custom blockchain economy and mechanics for the games they offer, offering players a unique gaming experience. So, let’s look at the three promising games on Avalanche:

1. Rise Online World

First on our list is Rise Online World, a unique and immersive MMORPG made in Turkey, with gameplay rivaling AAA titles. The game features a massive open-world map with breathtaking graphics and an intuitive physics engine.

In Rise Online World, players can acquire $ROKO, the in-game currency, through various means, such as raiding, crafting, winning PvP battles and wars, participating in and winning PvE boss events, and completing in-game achievements.

The players can use these tokens for in-game trading or cash out and convert them into other cryptos on exchanges. They can use $ROKO to buy and sell rare in-game goods like armor and pets as NFTs. Therefore, players will have the chance to acquire unique collectibles that no one else possesses while having the option to sell or rent these items on the in-game NFT Market.

The full release of Rise Online World is still pending, but it is currently free to play. You can try the game on your PC for free by downloading a trial version from its website.

Overall, Rise Online World is an innovative and engaging massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that fuses classic MMORPG elements with blockchain tech. Players searching for something different from the standard MMORPG formula will enjoy the game’s emphasis on player-driven economies and true ownership of in-game assets.

2. Crabada

Next on our list is Crabada, a completely decentralized P2E idle game where players undertake mining or looting tasks with varying degrees of risk and reward. Crabs, or ferocious fighting hermits, are typically sent to plunder the treasure of other players.

Crabada is likely the most established game dapp on Avalanche. Although the action-packed gaming of an RPG is absent from the game, the recent updates to the gameplay modes and its entertaining design have elevated Crabada to new levels.

Two tokens fuel Crabada; $CRA and $TUS. Players can earn $CRA, the governance token, by staking and playing the game, and $TUS, the in-game currency, by looting, mining, and lending the Crabs. So, Crabada requires $TUS to purchase or rent a squad of Crabs before you can begin playing. You can download the game for free on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Besides, Crabada LLC, the company behind the game, has received funding from Skyvision Capital, Not3Lau Capital, Wangarian, Avalaunch, and Zee Prime Capital. The breakthrough moment for Crabada was in April last year when the game surpassed Ronin’s Axie Infinity in NFT trading volume and became the highest-grossing initiative on the Avalanche network.

3. WyndBlast

Last on our list, Wyndblast is a play-to-earn multiplayer game developed on the Avalanche network. The game takes place in the mystical world of Chronica Sola Verse, where players tame Wynds (dragons), hire riders, construct equipment, battle enemies (PVE), and compete against one another (PVP).

In WyndBlast, you play a young mercenary lord who recruits and trains mercenaries, forges weaponry to bolster your arsenal, and battles other players and monsters. So, players own the Wynds, Riders, and tools as NFTs. Moreover, $CHRO, an ERC-20 token, powers the WyndBlast and Chronia Sola universe.

The company has several games in the pipeline, and each new game will use the same NFT assets and native CHRO token, with Wyndblast being the first to debut. This metaverse approach aims to build a gaming ecosystem that won’t experience the usual boom-and-bust pattern in similar games.

Staking $CHRO tokens, participating in the game, and casting crucial votes in governance will earn token holders rewards. Moreover, you can make money playing the WyndBlast, as exchanges like Traderjoe and Biture have listed the token.

The team is dedicated to ensuring that players are engaged in all stages of development by allowing the same assets and NFTs to be usable across all games. They launched PVE & PVP modes last December and will launch WyndBlast Origin Beta by Q2 this year.

Overall, WyndBlast is an exciting and immersive game showcasing blockchain technology’s potential in the gaming industry. 


As we come to a close of exploring the best titles on Avalanche, it is evident how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the gaming industry. From the fast-paced action of Rise Online World to the passive approach of Crabada, these games showcase the diverse range of genres and gameplay mechanics possible with blockchain technology. Gaming on Avalanche has raised the bar for GameFi and NFT gaming!

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