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XinFin [XDCE] Hybrid Blockchain Update

Community Update: 13 February 2019

  • XinFin Partners with Stanford University for TreeHacks 2019
  • XinFin Partners With R3 Corda and lists on R3 Corda marketplace
  • XinFin Presents Blockchain Proof of Concept For Land Registry To Maharashtra Government
  • Vietnam based SotaTek partners with XinFin Network
  • TheCurrencyAnalytics [TCAT] teamed up with XinFin and is now listed on CMC

XinFin Partners With Stanford University For TreeHacks 2019

TreeHacks 2019 is conducted at Stanford University and has partners such as Microsoft, Walt Disney Company, Facebook, Cisco, and over 2 dozen Silicon Valley companies.

TreeHacks 2019 is an annual hackathon conducted at Stanford University where developers turn crazy ideas into real stuff. It attracts 1000+ hackers from within Stanford University and across the globe to gather and build something they’re passionate about

XinFin recently started its Research and Development efforts with some of the best developer minds in San Francisco Bay Area, which is also home to the world’s top technology brands and blockchain projects like Ripple and Stellar.

TreeHacks 2019 starts Feb 15, 2019

For more information please visit: XinFin & TreeHacks 2019

XinFin Partners With R3 Corda, A Consortium Blockchain Platform With Over 200+ Financial Institutions

On 6 Feb XinFin announced that they become a technology partner to R3 Corda. XinFin will host a number of standardized and decentralized applications on the R3 Corda marketplace and provide a bridge to access public state on XinFin Blockchain.

The R3 Corda marketplace enables all their 200+ financial institutions’ immediate access to XinFin’s hybrid blockchain and Dapps.

XinFin’s standardized distributed applications range from Invoice Factoring, Global Trade and Finance, instant Remittances, E-wallets, Liquidity relayers, University Certificate Issuance, Asset Digitization, and global Air Charter.

Various financial institutions using the R3 Corda platform can run distributed applications on a combination of private and public (Hybrid) blockchain architecture in a sandbox environment. To support this development, the XinFin developer community will develop a relay bridge between the Corda private Network to the XinFin Public Network. This will create the ability to relay a limited set of data and transactions from privacy channels to the public network. Applications already deployed on the R3 Corda marketplace will be able to connect to XinFin’s Public Network.

About R3 Corda

R3 is a US FinTech company with strengths in blockchain related technology [Distributed Ledger Technology], developing and maintaining Corda which is a Distributed Ledger Technology platform used in the financial system and other areas of commerce. R3 has over 200+ Institution partners spread across the world.

For more information please visit the article here

XinFin & R3 Corda Marketplace the link here

XinFin Presents Blockchain Proof of Concept For Land Registry To Maharashtra Government

On January 31st, XinFin completed and presented land records on Blockchain Proof of Concept (PoC) to the Government of Maharashtra and its Department of Revenue.  To provide some perspective Maharashtra is the 3rd largest state in India with over 110 million.  That’s over 4x the population of my country Australia.

The PoC involved an end-to-end test using XinFin’s hybrid blockchain to track and manage the transaction life cycle of land registry and apartment registry from verification to transfer of ownership of a property, using blockchain based escrow based smart contracts. XinFin’s PoC with the Maharashtra Government. is one-of-its-kind first prototype for apartment registry run globally on the blockchain.

As a part of this initiative by the Maharashtra Government, XinFin was invited to do a Blockchain PoC for land registry to improve process efficiency and fraud prevention in land registry.  XinFin successfully completed and presented PoC using the XDC protocol that combines the power of public and private blockchains. XinFin’s XDC Protocol runs smart contracts and provides cross chain interoperability with existing legacy systems like financial institutions and other blockchain based platforms too.

This Blockchain PoC aligns with India’s Prime Minister Modi’s vision to turn India into a leading Fintech nation reaping the benefits of Industry 4.0 revolution embracing Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning and Big Data.  According to Modi, digitization is introducing transparency and eliminating corruption and blockchain is one such technology that has boundless possibilities to transform the lives of people.

For more information please visit the article here

Vietnam based SotaTek partners with XinFin Network

Vietnam based leading technology firm Sota Tek have partnered with XinFin and will work for enhancement and improvement of XinFin Public Network, XDC Protocol and the deployment of relay bridges between privacy channels and blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger, Corda and the XinFin Public Network.

Sotatek will also provide support and customization for deployment of Standardised Distributed Applications deployed on XinFin. The standardized applications include Invoice Factoring, Global Trade and Finance, instant remittances, E-wallets, Liquidity relayers, University Certificate Issuance, Asset Digitization, and global Air Charter.

Established in 2015, Sota Tek is a software development company with 100+ engineers who build full-stack solutions in multiple platforms with highly scalable back-ends and rich media front-ends. So far Sota Tek has developed many innovative solutions for clients around the globe in various industries such as entertainment, medical, financial services and so on.

For more information on the Sota Tek partnership please visit the article here

TheCurrencyAnalytics [TCAT] teamed up with XinFin to build its revolutionary REAL news protocol and has now been listed on CMC

The Currency Analytics, [TCAT] follows a unique state of the art protocol called REAL protocol

that stands for:

  • Real news based on observed facts only
  • Ethical news which is strictly written by impartial, experienced and dedicated journalists
  • Attributive news reports where all reports are published after thorough verification of the facts stated
  • Lasting news reports that can make positive contributions to the large crypto community out there

TCAT developed their smart contracts using XinFin’s “MyContract” which enables everyone to create smart contracts without coding.

We had a wonderful experience with XinFin when we first collaborated for TCA’s smart contracts and we knew TCA could not have a better partner for its groundbreaking REAL news protocol”, stated Sydney Ifergan, the chief spokesperson from TheCurrencyAnalytics and also an active advisor to XinFin

XinFin partnered with TCAT for their innovative approach to bring the ‘real’ news reports to the crypto community that will be able to guide the investors to the right path.

TCAT is now listed on CoinMarketCap as well as Coingecko and Blockfolio.

For more information on TheCurrencyAnalytics please visit their website

For more information on MyContract please visit their MyContract

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About XinFin

XinFin [XDCE] is an open source hybrid blockchain platform. XinFin offers a scalable, secure enterprise-grade blockchain that is well suited for highly-regulated industries and commercially sensitive data.

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