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IOI Corporation is a renowned gamified trading platform for gamers, investors, traders, as well as crypto enthusiasts. It currently controls three major platforms, which are: the IOI Wallet, the IOI Market, and the proposed Trade Race Manager.

The CFO of Altcoin Buzz, Shitij Gupta, anchored an AMA session on our Telegram channel. He was joined by Rastislav Bakala, IOI Corporation, CEO, and David Achberger, IOI Corporation, CMO. The AMA took place on August 24th, 2021, at 11:30 pm PT.

Below is a recap of the AMA session with the IOI Corporation team, to understand what the company has been up to recently.

Q – We’re happy to have you talk about Trade Race Manager. Give us a brief introduction about yourselves before we get deeper into the game?

David – I come from a brand-building, stocks, and FX trading background. Since I have discovered crypto, I have been fully taken over by the idea of decentralized finance and monetary power that is redistributed back to the people. We all know crypto and blockchain technology is the way for all future digital projects on top of NFT and real digital ownership. IOI gave me the tools to really build something great with the best team in the crypto space.

Rastislav – I’m the CEO and founder of the IOI Corporation. I am an enthusiastic professional looking for a challenge and inspiration for my growth. I am eager for the new challenges in the new emerging financial services of fintech and blockchain with a unique passion for the gaming industry.

Q – Tell us about IOI and Trade Race Manager. Rastislav, when and how did you come up with the idea?

Rastislav – IOI is at the start of its journey. We love our work and really push hard every day to make products people love but are also different.

As we tell all the time, crypto and DeFi are, for us, the future of digital ownership. We have many projects ready that will help develop a really wide ecosystem with various functions, and IOI Token will tie them all together, of course with benefits for holders and supporters. And we are working hard on our crypto trading platform, which IOI holders will benefit massively from.

We think one step ahead, and we would like to prove it to all the crypto enthusiasts this year. 2021 is going to the moon in $IOI.

The original idea comes three years ago when I realize the huge potential of NFTs and saw the crazy Cryptokitties. We have another company for trading and stocks, and we try to build some tools for our users to join a trading world but in the gaming environment. And here we go, is a bridge between trading and NFT gaming.

David – The first of many games is called Trade Race Manager. It’s a collectible NFT trading game, Play2earn together with NFT, creates multiple ways of income.

Gameplay is based on real crypto market data. Virtual crypto is used as a fuel for all cars. Racers’ position in the race depends on crypto performance in real-time he chose as a fuel for the car.

We are also working on Game of the year 2021 in the whole crypto industry.

Q – Your target audience is both beginner and experienced traders. Can you dive into how a beginner, somebody with no prior knowledge of trading or about crypto can play trade race manager?

David – We try to build a lot of tools for racers so they can get up to speed as fast as possible. We already altered lucky fuel so it always gives racers the best possible portfolio strategy for the race. We are making videos and work with content creators to show everyone how you can earn daily up to 100 IOI.

Talking about experienced traders, it is a regular day in the office for them. Look at the in-game charts, use lower timeframes, figure out the most volatile coins and do the prediction as they do in the market every day. The platform is ideal for both experienced traders and total newbies.

There is also an in-game option to join or create your own team. So, you will get much advice from experienced traders as well, directly in-game.

Q – Could you tell us a bit more about the utility of the fuel, cars, performance coins, and other in-game features? After the user has signed up for Trade Race Manager, what are some of the important things to consider to win a race, thereby making money?

Rastislav – First of all, in August, all of the newly registered players receive free premium memberships so they can see a premium fuel and tips from the manager (experience trader) if you choose these three coins, your chance to win is higher.

As a premium member, you also have a leverage option so you can double your speed up but be careful this works both ways. We suggest always fuel one of the coins to 90% and split the rest to 5%,5%. It’s all about trading and for that, we have free races every two minutes so you can test it and practice to become a real pro gamer of $IOI.

Q – Can you tell us about the IOI token as well as its features. Where can the community buy IOI?

David – Key token utilities;

  • Purchase NFTs with $IOI Tokens in the marketplace with trading fees.
  • Monthly BUYBACKs.
  • Huge In-game rewards.
  • On-chain Staking.
  • NFT drops for holders in-game or in personal on-chain wallets like MetaMask, Trust Wallet.

Our buyback program highlights that IOI is different from 99.9% of crypto projects. We have revenue, and we use it to support our community. This also shows our team’s firm belief in our native token’s prospects and shows company success will reflect in token’s success. You can buy IOI on Cex and Dex.

Rastislav – Where to buy $IOI:

  • KuCoin – IOI/USDT
  • – IOI/USDT
  • PancakeSwap – IOI/BUSD
  • Uniswap – IOI/USDT
  • QuickSwap – IOI/USDC

Q – Could you detail a little bit more info about your buyback program. What you have accomplished thus far and plans for the future. I believe Trade Race Manager charges fees for the winning prize pool – how is this revenue distributed back to the community?

Rastislav – Every time we make a revenue we use it for a buyback, prize pools, and rewards for our community. We already made buybacks of over 600k and we will support our $IOI in long term. Our token will be key for all of our products and especially for our 3AAA game CyberTrade.

David – We do not charge anything from the prize pool right now. Company revenue is redistributed back to the community by the way of buybacks, community competitions, sales, etc.

Q – Can you give some key strategies or tips that the players can use while playing the game to maximize returns?

David – Best way to maximize profits:

  1. Use most volatile coins.
  2. Use 2x leverage in fuel.
  3. More NFT cars result in a much higher chance of winning.
  4. Follow the best players and check what they use – mostly they use the most volatile coin for the day in short or long option – One car is short and another car is long is if the market moves either way user always wins.
  5. Put in the work: As with everything you do – you need to take your time and play for a while each day to really work your way up to the best.
  6. Top players are making from 2000 – 3000$ a month.
  7. Always join the tournaments, the tournament is taking place every day.
Q – As you know, we are doing an IOI giveaway today and received a bunch of questions on Twitter. The winner is Nathan Algren. His question was “With the introduction of a new trade race manager and CyberTrade, how IOI is planning to scale up the NFT adoption among the crypto community?”

Rastislav – We are already interoperable on various chains (Polygon, Binance, Ethereum) and that’s the main ambitions with our NFTs to get access to various marketplaces and chains.

There will be huge mass adoption with the release of the marketplace but especially with CyberTrade. This game will be a game-changer and will target real gamers without the need to know about trading.

The above teaser was given exclusively to the Altcoin Buzz community.

David – The ecosystem is being built.

  1. We prepared a new version of the IOI Wallet which is already live and running – The first NFT gaming wallet of its kind with integrated NFT market option and NFT drops and sales for IOI Holders.
  2. IOI Marketplace is being developed and V1 coming very soon.
  3. CyberTrade will be an industry-leading project – We really worked out the way how the economy should look and what is the best way to keep tokens utilized to the fullest. With the AAA graphics and gameplay. We are really looking forward to multiplying the player base fast and we are getting ready technically for the high pressure.
  4. Last will be the trading platform with more benefits for holders. But this will be revealed at the right time. We work really hard and we believe no other team can deliver this kind of ecosystem in a time as we will do.

The Altcoin Buzz community gratefully thanks IOI Corporation’s Rastislav Bakala, and David Achberger for taking part in the AMA session on the 24th of August on our Telegram channel.

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