Rango & Harmony

Rango Exchange partners with Harmony and announces a trading competition!

Rango exchange is now live on Harmony. This was announced on the official Twitter account of Harmony Protocol.

Rango Exchange is the first and the best DEX and bridge platform in the crypto market. Rango is able to find the safest, profitable, and easy path for the user, regardless of where the user is and where it wants to go.

In October, Rango Exchange requested a grant from the Harmony community to achieve:

  • Harmony Bridge integration
  • Integration of Sushiswap on Harmony
  • Harmony One wallet support
  • Harmony on Metamask support
  • unify multi-step swaps into a unified UX
  • 10,000,000$ total transactions in Rango Exchange

Thanks to the Harmony grant, Rango will give a prize of $ 35,000 in the form of $One token to contest winners.

Contest Rules

Rules for users:

  • Follow Rango Exchange Twitter account and retweet their competition pinned post
  • The score in this competition is based on badges that you earn depending on your Rango usage
  • These badges will be accessible till the IDO is over (planned Q1). Ten percent of $Rango’s AirDrop shares to the top 1,000 users based on their badge scores by the end of the IDO
  • A leaderboard will display the top users and scores, as well as the total volume completed in the Rango. There are also random giveaways. The swaps must have a minimum value of $100 to be eligible for these random rewards
  • Over time, users can access new badges

Rules for Affiliators:

  • Follow Rango Exchange Twitter account and retweet their competition pinned post
  • Make affiliate links to bring people to Rango
  • You will get a higher score with more trades with your affiliate link
  • There will be a leaderboard and statistics with top affiliate links and the total volume done in the Rango affiliate program
  • There will be four affiliate winners
  • Airdrops will be also distributed to a broader range of affiliators
About Rango Exchange

Rango is the most user-friendly multi-chain trading platform for both expert and novice traders. They merged all of the crypto market’s DEXs and bridges into one unified UX, allowing users to make extremely complicated swaps in their app. Rango also provides the quickest, cheapest, and the safest path between any two blockchains.

Also, for more great info, join us on Telegram to receive free trading signals.

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