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The BEST $1000 Portfolio for Crypto's Next Bull Run

The BEST $1000 Portfolio for Crypto’s Next Bull Run

Today we have a new challenge. Invest $1000 Conservatively. What would your most conservative picks be? What would you put your parents’ money into?...
50X Crypto Portfolio Update | Why I'm Adding This ONE Coin

50X Crypto Portfolio Update | Why I’m Adding This ONE Coin

It’s monthly update time for our 50x Portfolio. What a difference a month makes right? The Bitcoin and Ethereum gains are pushing the whole...
kryxivia p2e game review

Kryxivia is a Huge RPG P2E Gem on Polygon

Kryxivia is a game we are really high on. And they have some new updates. This is what their updated new dungeons for PvP...
best $1500 crypto portfolio for 2023

The BEST $1500 Crypto Portfolio for 2023

We know for many of you that your dry powder is low. You probably bought the dip of your favorite projects 2 or 3...
Top 3 Altcoins with HUGE Bull Run Potential

Top 3 Web3 Projects with HUGE Bull Run Potential

If you are still here after this terrible bear market this year, then congratulations. You’re going to crush it when the bull returns. Patience...
altcoins in cosmos ecosystem

5 Altcoins Set to EXPLODE in COSMOS ATOM Ecosystem

Two of our top projects on Cosmos have such great tokenomics that more than 75% of their coins are out in the circulating supply....
50X Portfolio Update - Ultimate Strategy Post-FTX Crash

50X Portfolio Update – Ultimate Strategy Post-FTX Crash

That’s our highlight today. Losing but losing less. Total Return: -11.10%. Bitcoin Return: -17.22% andETH Return: -12.45%. In fact, that means we are beating...
5 low cap gems for the next bull run

5 Low Cap Binance Altcoins Set to Explode

FTX Drama continues to roll and prices might continue to go lower. More companies might file bankruptcies in coming weeks. Even though things don’t...
top 10 coins to boost your crypto portfolio

50x Your Crypto Portfolio by the NEXT Bull Run (Update Nov´22)

WOW! 655 comments from one video and counting. Thank You! Truly. Our 50X Portfolio really hit on something that you, our Altcoin Buzz Army,...
best 7 altcoins

Top 7 Web 3.0 Crypto Altcoins With Absurd Potential

Web3 means lots of things to lots of people. Instead of trying to define it, I’m going to talk about 3 main themes in...