Don't Miss These 3 Bull Run Altcoin Gems

If everything looks better in a bull market, then how do you know what projects to pick That will outperform the market? The bull looks like he’s making an appearance. All major market metrics are UP. Many prices are UP.

But not all. But in new bull markets, new leaders emerge in different sectors. Today, we cover 3 huge narratives in crypto and we pick 1 coin in that narrative who we think will be a leader at the end of this run. Let’s discover these 3 gems.

1) Akash

Crypto and AI were made for each other. AI lets machines do the work, especially on repetitive tasks. Then Crypto being the money of the internet will be the way people can pay for AI apps. Or even better, one app pays another without even needing a person involved. And if there is one thing ALL AI apps need regardless of whether they are chatbots or generating images is computing power.

And lots and lots of it. Specifically, GPUs, which are most often used for gaming are the processor of choice for most AI apps. Especially so for those that render images like Midjourney or Stable Diffusion. And both crypto and AI will grow and get more important in this next bull run.

So our crypto AI pick is Akash. Akash has a market where you can buy, sell, or rent GPU processing power so AI apps get the processing power they need to make their apps run. In Q4-2023, Akash is consistently hitting new ATHs in GPU computing power and capacity. This means that more GPU power is coming online with Akash AND more people are using the GPU power that’s there.

You can even deploy Stable Video Diffusion using Akash. The potential here is enormous. Especially for newer projects who want to just test their apps and see how they work before a full deployment or launch. And Akash is THE leader in the industry for renting GPU capacity.

Akash’s token (AKT) has been crushing. Up 500% in the last 12 months and 59% in the last 30 days. But we only see more growth ahead for the project.

NVIDIA has been and should continue, to crush in the market due to the high demand for GPU chips. And we see Akash being the crypto version of buying into this demand. What AI apps do you like? Let us know your favorite especially if it’s other than ChatGPT in the comments below.

2) Arweave

Like Akash, Arweave is in the DePIN sector of the market. Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks and Web3 infrastructure generally are some of our favorite crypto sectors. I’ve said a few times here that we see this as a much lower risk than other sectors since they provide tools that ALL projects need.

Arweave is decentralized storage. They offer permanent immutable online storage through ArDrive. But that’s not all. You can also:

  • Build web pages.
  • Build Apps.
  • Use as a database.
  • Run smart contracts through Arweave too.

Arweave is working to become the Web3 home for a few areas where we use Web2 legacy tech like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. People are buying in. Here you can see exponential growth in the all-time high for transactions on the network this month. Creators can even license their assets on Arweave. It’s a versatile platform.

And you haven’t missed the boat on this one. Although AR is up 48% in the last 30 days. Arweave is still down 14% in the last 12 months. So it’s still a good buying opportunity for a huge growth opportunity coming shortly.

3) Kujira

Last, for today, we have one of our 50x Master Portfolio holdings. Kujira. Kujira is a Layer 1 on Cosmos. It is a “real yield” platform meaning it and all of its apps from:

  • Orca to bid on collateral from loan liquidations at a discount.
  • FIN the first order book DEX on Cosmos.
  • Ghost for lending and borrowing.

All the prices and rates are based on real yield. In other words, you earn as a % of the platform fees. No outlandish returns as either a scam or a marketing ploy like we saw with Anchor and LUNA.

Real yield is a popular narrative for projects being able to sustain themselves and grow in both bull and bear markets. And that’s what Kujira has been able to do. Kujira’s token (KUJI) will crack the top 100 projects soon. It’s at #138 now. Its 1-year returns are a mind-boggling 450%. We were able to capture this in our Master Portfolio too.

And in the last 30 days, KUJI is up 127%. But don’t let that discourage you. Gains like this are only the beginning. KUJI has great tokenomics too. And at its current $425 million market cap, we see no reason why this couldn’t be a multi-billion dollar project in the next bull run.

By the way, all these returns are WITHOUT a major CEX listing. And as all of you know, that means you are still early. As soon as Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, and others start listing it, the price should see a nice bump higher from here too.

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