JUP, the Most Anticipated Airdrop in Solana's History?

With a total of 10 billion JUP tokens up for distribution, this airdrop stands out not only for its scale.

But, also for the transparent and detailed approach taken by the Jupiter team. Let’s explore more about it.

JUP Token and Airdrop Details

According to a source, the JUP airdrop will see a total of 10 billion tokens in circulation, with a unique 50-50 distribution strategy. Half of the tokens will be managed by the Jupiter team, ensuring their active involvement in the project’s development. The remaining 50% will be distributed to the community through a series of airdrops. Starting with the first round scheduled for January 31st. This initial airdrop will comprise 10% of the total JUP supply, marking the beginning of a four-part distribution process.

Also, Jupiter Exchange is set to launch a Decentralized Liquidity Mining Market (DLMM) pool in conjunction with the airdrop. This strategic move aims to kickstart liquidity provision, resulting in an estimated 15-20% of the JUP initial circulating supply. Jupiter has collaborated closely with RPC providers Helius and Triton to ensure the network is well-prepared for the anticipated surge in activity.

JUP Beyond Airdrop

According to this source, the Jupiter team has laid out a clear roadmap for value accrual. Until the user base grows tenfold (estimated to take approximately two years), there will be no revenue sharing. As a key figure in the project, Meow envisions utilizing JUP for coordinating new listings, voting on the launchpad, marketing initiatives, and more.

Currently, Jupiter charges fees on Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), perpetual contracts (perps), and limit orders. Meow foresees that perps and the Launchpad will generate the most lucrative revenue streams.

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