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Playermon is an NFT game based on Pokémon. It allows players to explore and carry out challenges in a universe using their designated Playermons.

The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya (Ani) Baidya, anchored the Playermon AMA session on our Telegram channel with Ji Sheng Tan, the CEO of Playermon. The AMA took place on November 16th, 2021.

Below is a recap of the AMA session with Ji Sheng Tan to understand the NFT game better. The AMA was in three segments: introduction, deep dive, and community questions and answers.

Segment 1: Introduction to Playermon

Background Information
Q – To start with, tell us about yourself. What’s your background and how did you come up with the idea of Playermon?

I am Ji Sheng, the CEO of Playermon, I am an all-rounder technology entrepreneur with diverse experience revolving around strategizing product development roadmaps and architecting solutions. Also, I helped clients plan and build decentralised applications, data visualisations, run artificial intelligent experiments, build the data pipeline and achieve cost optimization by making use of solutions on the cloud. And now, I am venturing into Playermon to build the next play-to-earn game.

The team at Playermon consist of game developers with more than 10 years of experience and managed to publish games with more than 15 million user base, blockchain developers, and crypto believers. We started Playermon when the Play to earn game was booming, prior to that, we have tried putting casual games on blockchain in the year 2018.

We named it Playermon because of Player + Monster.

Q – Where is your team based?

We are a global team with most of us based in South East Asia from Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Segment 2: Deep Dive

About the game
Q – We know that the game is inspired by Pokémon and Animal Crossing. Can you tell us more about the gameplay/storyline?

The game is based on Pokémon where every player can own their monster/Playermon and battle against all evil while collecting unique Playermon NFT.

The story-mode goes like this:

At the beginning of the gameplay, you (the player) would receive an SOS signal from a distant planet, as the Captain of Starsailor (your spaceship) and as a bounty hunter, you decided to look into the matter and would only lend a hand if the price is right. However, there was no reply to the signal.

You battle the enemy in the Archorland.

We believe that the metaverse future is about the community where work, play and social can happen in the virtual space. We believe in empowering the creativity in the community where they could express their creativity and show it off to the public in the metaverse while enjoying the economic opportunities created.

Hence the Animal Crossing part came in, we wanted a game that is fun to play with and social around to make new friends instead of another play-to-earn game

Q – So the Playermons will be NFTs. Are there different tiers of Playermons? What power will the Playermon NFTs have?

Every Playermons will be an ERC 721 NFT. Players could buy the Playermon, breed them for new generation. Different Playermon will have different power/skill cards depending on the body parts that they have. The initial body parts of the Playermons will be randomly generated while the new offspring will be generated with gene logic in it.

The Rarity of the Playermons does not add extra benefit for the gameplay. So, it is going to be fair in that sense.

Q – And how do you buy these Playermons? Will you have your own marketplace?

All the Genesis Playermon will be available for sale during the Egg Sale. We will have our own Marketplace called the Radix that will allow the players to buy and sell their Playermons, as well as, the decorative item created for the SpaceDen.

The egg sale will be happening in the 1st week of December.

Other Notable Information About the Game
Q – So you will have an IDO in a few days followed by an IGO in December?

Yes, we are having multiple Launchpads to do our IDO on the 18th and 19th of November for our project token (PYM) and we will be doing our Egg sale for a few days during the first week of December starting from December 3rd.

Q – You have two tokens PYM and SGEM, how does the economy work? Can the PYM tokens be used for the egg sale?

PYM token is the governance token / the main project token.

SGEM token is the token earned while playing the game. There are many ways to earn SGEM tokens including the SpaceDen, Story Mode, PvP / The Tower of Creator.

The PYM Tokens will be used for the Egg Sale, each Egg will require the burning of 300 PYM from the circulation.

As for breeding, the player will require both PYM and SGEM tokens. The tokens can also be used for crafting items that can be put in the SpaceDen as a decorative item so that the friends can visit your SpaceDen and see them.

Q – At what stage is the game currently? What key milestones have the project achieved so far?

Currently, we are in preparation for IDO in multiple Launchpads. We have done our Pre-IDO where the sale was completed within 36 seconds.

As for the gameplay side, we have built the game in Unity. Here is a quick demo of it

We can expect to play the game before Christmas this year. The first game to be unlocked will the SpaceDen game where you can play, feed and pat your Playermons to gain love points.

Q – You have your IDO on November 19th 2021, how can our community participate?

The community can participate at any of our IDO partner Launchpad platforms (OxBull, EnjinStarter, Polkabridge). The details are available here.

Since every platform has its own rules and regulation, we suggest everyone refer to the respective platform for more information.

Q – Tell us a bit about your tokenomics, what will be the TGE Market Cap, Total and Circulating Supply? Is there a moonsheet?

One thing to highlight about the tokenomics is that our Play-to-Earn Reward, Staking, Team Allocation are planned for 10 years instead of 2/3 years. We believe that it will take time for the metaverse to be matured and hence we plan it to be a 10-year project.

The TGE Marketcap, we are looking at 760,000 USD while the Total supply will be 1 billion in 10 years time. More about tokenomics can be found here.

Upcoming Developments
Q – After your game launch, you plan to also focus on the metaverse, building different planets and their own ecosystems. Can you throw more light on the future?

Think of it as Animal Crossing, you will be able to visit other players’ SpaceDen and interact with them on the planet.

Playermon Planet platform provides another extensive gateway to creators and artists to publish their diverse decorative items and mini-games in Playermon planet, an integrated social platform for the Gamefi projects creator to launch mini-games on our Playermon galaxy and planet. This will allow the player visiting their planet to earn their project tokens if they decide to have a token for their mini-games.

So, we are looking at a few different potentials:

  1. Player will be able to chat with other players in a friendly manner on the Planet
  2. Creative artists can draw and digitise their own NFT asset to be sold as decorative assets by putting their PYM tokens and SGEM tokens as minting/crafting process
  3. The Game maker could leverage the community and have their mini-game published on the planet allowing anyone to visit and play with their mini-game.

Our objective is to make a Playermon Metaverse where the community can work, play and socialise in the virtual space. We believe in empowering the creativity in the community where they could express their creativity and show it off to the public in the metaverse while enjoying the economic opportunities created.

Segment 3: Community Questions and Answers

Q.Telegram – All the best for the project. Can you explain token utilities for the future?

There are many tokens utilities of the token including using it to breed new Playermons, craft and upgrade items of the SpaceDen and even use it as a collateral to pledge against your own mini-game tokens.
The utilities are endless and it all goes back to the community, we will be doing our DAO voting as soon as the game is stabilise to let the community decide the future of the project. It is a 10-year roadmap and many things could change down the road.

Q.Telegram – Is love points convertible to SGEM? And SGEM to PYM?

The love points are not directly convertible to SGEM but surely through a quest, you will be able to earn SGEM. As long as the Playermons love you as the Master. You will be rewarded with SGEM.

The Altcoin Buzz community gratefully thanks Ji Sheng Tan for participating in the Playermon AMA session on November 16th on our Telegram channel.

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