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Here is the session called “The Future of the Immersive Metaverse”. This occurred on the second day of the conference, Wednesday 17th at 9:30 PM (EST), where we had Artur Sychov, Founder and CEO of Somnium Space, as the host.

Therefore, if you didn’t have the opportunity to participate in this GeckoCon conference, you can read it in this article:

This was one of the first sessions, in which the host made his presentation immersed in the metaverse that his company has created. Yes, this was not going to be an exposition of a man in front of PowerPoint slides. Therefore, Artur wanted his explanations to be the metaverse itself so we could understand concepts better. Here is a screenshot of it:

Immersive metaverse geckocon

What is an Immersive Metaverse?

He first described that his avatar, which gives a unique identity to owners, and every asset in the metaverse is represented as an NFT. At that moment, he explained that a metaverse is a 3D world where developers create, tokenize, trade, make concerts, host events, collects art, among other things.

Also, he pointed out that assets shown in the metaverse are in their owner’s wallets. So, they have full control over their possessions. Then, Artur explained that they call the metaverse a “High Immersive Virtual Reality Environment” because when you use the NFTs in the metaverse, your brain actually thinks you are physically there.

On the other hand, Artur mentioned that one of the ways to monetize in the metaverse is to create free avatars that you can trade. For example, in 2021, many avatar creators have earned USD 300,000 in his metaverse called Somnium Space. As a result, this allows people worldwide to have full-time jobs in the metaverse and to be creative. Here is an example of how a real decentralized metaverse looks like:

Then, Artur continued walking through the metaverse where he showed the level of detail in the avatars giving as an example how the brightness of the sun shone on the sea and on his own avatar. The level of realization was incredible.

Moreover, he spoke to his assistant that also has an avatar but that audio could not be heard in the presentation. He explained that in the metaverse there is a “Spacial Audio” so that people can communicate within the metaverse.

Finally, he said that the metaverse will be “immersive” and that companies like Facebook are only doing a platform to incentive “human interconnection”. However, the real metaverse will come with another platform based on “Spatial Computing” that will allow people to live fully in the metaverse in a sustainable way in time without depending on where you are.

Benefits of the Immersive Metaverse

In this section, Artur mentioned some huge benefits:

  1. Empower unbanked: He started saying that there are 2 billion people are unbanked worldwide, explaining that blockchain technology will fix that even without participating in the metaverse. However, if they do, the impact will be even bigger.
  2. Boost productivity: Artur mentioned that there are many people who, despite having the skills, cannot become productive workers because not everyone has the opportunity to have a good education, geographic accessibility, and financial services that do not allow them to be productive. Therefore, spatial computing will allow people to be productive despite those obstacles in DAOs.
  3. Two parallel worlds: In the future of metaverses, there will be two parallel worlds. The first one is a common base where everyone will be able to match and see everyone’s creation. Then, the second one will be sub-worlds represented in an NFT, which users can create to make games, events, etc. That created experience you can then get people to participate and sell it as an NFT.
  4. More experiences, fewer tools: Another feature in the future is that users will be able to enter plots in the metaverse without having a VR viewer.
  5. Multi-chain experience: Also, another feature is that, under the polygon network, people will be able to exchange NFTs in the same metaverse.

In this example, Artur showed that next to him there were some kayaks, represented in NFTs, and he got into one and started paddling inside his metaverse, giving a fascinating immersion sensation.

Then, we reached another part of the metaverse where there were different buildings displaying works of art. However, Artur showed how to see detailed information about the artworks in OpenSea and Ethscan. All of this from a laptop inside the metaverse. Amazing.

DOGE temple

Metaverse Massification and How to Start in it.

Moreover, he referred to how he thinks the use of the metaverse will massify. He said that this adoption will be progressive but sustainable over time. And people entering now is because they want a parallel digital life and to be truly productive.

On the other hand, he also gave advice to people new to the metaverse:

  • Avoid hype on anything. before buying an NFT you have to analyze the product/company.
  • Always verify what you want to use (don’t believe the opinion of others).

He also talked about the best VR visors to start participating in a metaverse. Therefore, it will depend on the budget you have. He uses the “Valve Index” kid which he feels gives the best experience.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Artur also mentioned how artists can begin to monetize their work with little or no capital. He said that many landowners rent at very low cost or sometimes for free, to artists who exhibit their work. He also said that they have a program called CREATORS FUN, where developers can submit their projects to the metaverse for evaluation and funding.

On the other hand, he talked about the importance of decentralization in the metaverse. He made a comparison between the centralized environments in which we now operate. In the end, you don’t own anything, so the metaverse needs decentralization so that you own your own assets.

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