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Three DeFi Startups Tokenizing Real World Assets To Watch For

Three DeFi Startups Tokenizing Real World Assets To Watch For

The number of decentralized finance startups tokenizing real world assets is expanding as the market and demand to trade them continues to grow. One of...
Neutrino stablecoin

Create Stablecoins Pegged to Real-World Assets with Neutrino

Historically, stablecoins used the US Dollar as collateral. This idea made sense with the first stablecoins. This is because the USD had much greater...

How Morpheus Labs Allows for Tokenization of RWA Assets

RWA is the tokenization of real-world assets. This is one of the big verticals for this bull run. For example, BlackRock launched a $1...
Crypto's Next Sandbox 240x? Bull Run Gem Creta World

Crypto’s Next Sandbox 240x? Bull Run Gem Creta World

It’s official! The bull run is back. Gaming is an area where this is pretty obvious, too. And if you are a gamer, you’d...
Chainlink's RWA Push: Real Estate as dNFTs with Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Chainlink’s RWA: Real Estate as dNFTs with ZK Proofs

Chainlink has set its sights on the emerging trend of Real World Assets (#RWA), anticipating its expansion into new asset classes. Chainlink is leading...
BRC-420 Tokens: Enhancing Bitmap's Virtual Realm

BRC-420 Tokens: Enhancing Bitmap’s Virtual Realm

BRC-420 tokens is a protocol specifically designed for handling digital assets. This includes Bitmap, which has gained traction as an innovative and user-friendly solution....

Why JPMorgan Launches Platform to Tokenize Financial Assets?

JPMorgan is one of the US giants when it comes down to banks. Not too long ago, they had a skeptical view of the...
worldcoin review

WorldCoin is Live, A Universal Coin Uniting Humanity?

Unlike other cryptocurrencies that cater to specific niches or regions, WorldCoin aims to bridge borders. And unify humanity with a universal currency for global...
affyn metaverse review

Merge The Virtual & Real World in Affyn, a Mobile P2E Metaverse

If you've played and got addicted to Pokemon Go, Affyn will be your favorite metaverse. Affyn is a play-to-earn metaverse built on Polygon's blockchain...
GeckoCon 2022: How DAOs Will Shape the World

GeckoCon 2022: How DAOs Will Shape the World

Getting yourselves organized and working towards collective interests. That's what DAOs are all about. This stands for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. However, governance on...