Key Altcoins in AI, DePIN, RWAs, and Gaming

Narratives matter. In a market where Bitcoin and Solana and some memecoins are rising but nothing else is, then narratives matter even more.

They are huge indicators of market sentiment. You probably have your favorites. So do we. Our 4 favorite sector narratives right now are AI, gaming, real-world assets, and DePIN.  So today, we look at these narratives and 2 projects we like in each. Let’s check these altcoins.

1) AI Coins

Our first big narrative is AI. This is no surprise to anyone who is paying attention to our markets. Crypto AI is a $24 billion market. To put that in perspective, if the entire AI market was a token, it would be almost the same size as XRP. XRP is the #8 token by market value.

In other words, this market is going to get A LOT bigger and soon. And you know we’ve talked about this sector often with mentions across lots of videos for 

  • Akash.
  • Render.
  • The Graph. They are in our 50X Master Portfolio and others.

It’s a simple argument too. ChatGPT has all the hype now. But what will make money will be things like:

  • Very specific automated AI agents to do specific tasks to help coders or sales or account management.
  • Tools that make it easier to launch new projects.
  • Those that go beyond being a “simple AI wrapper” where they put a customized easier UI front end on ChatGPT or Claude or Llama.
  • Demand for computing power to make your projects go.

So here are 2 we like a lot in AI. One we’ve talked about often and one we haven’t.

AI Token Picks

Akash has had some mind-numbing returns, especially looking at 12 or 18 months ago. Yet, there has been some profit-taking and traders are taking a breather. Look at this 1-month chart. Akash is down 18% in the last 30 days. It dropped from its recent high of $6.47 to its $4.80 price now. That’s a nice discount on a great project in a hot sector.

Golem is a smaller project that also does the sharing of computing power for AI apps. It’s also had a nice run up 68% in the last year. And also is down the last 30 days. It’s down 30% in the last month. But that won’t last.

Both of these are high-growth, well-run projects in a temporary slump or profit-taking mode from earlier longer-term gains. So both present a good buying opportunity.

2) Blockchain Gaming Coins

Then we have blockchain gaming. That bear market was tough for games. But the survivors are much stronger now. Blockchain games are getting:

  • Better game designers for more fun games.
  • Better game economics.
  • Better tools to make the Web3 game experience better.
  • The chance to earn real money and have more fun.

And all these things are in a better place now than they were in 2021. Veteran legacy gaming studios and legends are moving into blockchain games now in a way we did not see before.

For example, Creta World, which is one of our top picks in gaming, now has gaming legend Yoshiki Okamoto working with them to develop games like the Street Fighter series he is famous for. We have some other games we like too. But, Creta World is making a strong, serious attempt at getting Web2 quality into the games while maintaining the advantages that blockchain games have over legacy games.

Creta World is not just a game, but a multiverse too. Like a metaverse of metaverses. It has an important role to play in the future of the ecosystem along with the Games, Studio, and its SuperClub. What’s your favorite game right now? Let us know in the comments below.

3) RWA Coins

Next, we have Real World Assets (RWA). Many believe, as Chainlink does, that this is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity. Right now, the RWA market in crypto is $7.5 billion. You probably saw that Blackrock is starting a RWA fund. That’s just adding to the hype and how hot this sector is.

But decentralized solutions matter here. With a centralized issuer like BlackRock, they will have requirements like Americans will have to be accredited to invest. Other restrictions are likely too. Decentralized issuers will let anyone invest who wants to because the issuance is decentralized.

Freedom lovers and most crypto investors will favor the decentralized solution. With them, you can decide for yourself.

RWA Token Picks

With Ondo Finance, you can buy US Treasuries for USDC if you are an institution or qualified purchaser. They are working with BlackRock as an issuer of RWA. Ondo got lots of great publicity from this partnership too.

They also offer a USD Yield fund of tokenized US Treasuries that individuals can buy with good returns and low, transparent fund fees. This is definitely one of the future huge markets for RWA. And with Ondo, they think the future is now.  Ondo is down in the last 30 days by 17%, but over the last 3 months they’ve 3x-ed.

On the other hand,  Centrifuge is one of our recent favorites in this area. Centrifuge has real asset funds available right now. For example, this pool manages the purchase of US Treasuries that you can buy for USDC.  Or this pool lets you make real estate bridge loans in the US.

CFG, the native token of Centrifuge, has had a great last 12 months up over 150%. This return mimics what Bitcoin did at that same time. But over the last 30 days, it’s down 37%. To us, that means opportunity. Getting quality at a discount.

4) DePIN Coins

DePIN is a $26 billion sector that’s fast-growing too. This makes it almost the same size but slightly larger than the AI market. But demand for decentralized cloud services so people don’t have to go to Google, Amazon, and Microsoft is soaring. And it will only grow from here.

Again, we’ve covered this narrative a ton. But we know projects in this sector are ready to grow. And fast.

DePIN Token Picks

Arweave is a leader in decentralized file storage and other Web3 infrastructure. You probably know a little about them if you are fan of our channel. AR, the native token of Arweave, is down 10% in the last 30 days. However, they’ve done 5x in the last 90 days and 342% in the last 12 months. So this is a small blip in an upward-trending project.

On the other hand,  Hivemapper is s the Google Maps of Web3. It’s on the Solana network. An interesting FYI is they have already mapped 19% of the world’s roads. You can earn their token, called $HONEY by helping them map your little corner of the world too.

Over the last 3 months, $HONEY is down 50%. But most of that is in the last 30 days where it’s down 35%. All of that is a breather from the 225% return in the last 12 months.

Hivemapper definitely has the potential to become a leading DePIN project.



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