3 Altcoins Set to Dominate 2024 + Key Crypto Narratives

What altcoins will change the game for the industry and users in 2024? I’m sure you have your own ideas for this and that’s where you put your money.

We have some ideas too. And today, we are going to share these altcoins with you.

The Importance of Narratives

If you had asked yourself or the market 1 year ago what would be the top coins of 2023, you’d have gotten lots of answers. Looking back, the coins that do the best follow an important narrative for the industry. This is true in all markets everywhere.

So in crypto, in December 2022 a year ago, almost no one knew what ChatGPT was. Not so now. As a result, almost no one knew or understood the importance of Akash, Render, Fetch.ai, or other AI projects that crushed it this year. That is the importance of narratives.

We are basing our narratives around some info that huge crypto VC Andreessen Horowitz released to the public. It’s not just them telling us where they think the market is going. But they have the power to move the market in these directions with their investments.

So here are 3 big narratives they see coming that we also think will be strong with a project in each that could lead the way.

1) Modular Tech

Modular tech will continue to grow and become huge in crypto. A modular chain is much cheaper, easier, and faster to put together and get to market than a linear chain. A linear chain like Ethereum does everything. Security, consensus, transaction execution, settlement. EVERYTHING. However, a modular chain performs only some of these functions and outsources others.

Don’t be intimidated if you haven’t heard the term before. If you’ve ever used a Layer 2 solution, you’ve used modular tech before. All the Layer 2s on ETH outsource both security and transaction settlement to the Ethereum chain. There is some variation between the solutions. Arbitrum, Optimism, and other L2 solutions all outsource these things to Ethereum. Stacks use Bitcoin for security. This is how Layer 2 works.

Celestia is the big modular chain story so far for this year. But that’s not our favorite pick. As replicated security gives new chains coming online a chance to outsource security cheaply and fast, we think Cosmos could crush it in 2024.

Until now, Cosmos’ only utility was to be the cash and main gas for the Cosmos Hub. And we’ve seen many chains able to bypass that altogether and use their coin for gas on their chain. Now, any chain wanting to use Cosmos Hub for security will have to hold and pay with ATOM. This is a huge boost to ATOM’s utility. This could easily make Cosmos a top 10 project by market value, which would mean at least a 4x from here.

2) AI + Blockchain

Remember this image from up top? Look at these huge returns from Render and Akash in the last year. And this is only the beginning for AI and Blockchain together. The technologies were made for each other. AI does the task automatically without a human involved. Then crypto via smart contract pays the AI agent without a human involved either. It’s a perfect synergy.

We’ve been talking about this synergy that not many crypto accounts are talking about since the Spring. It seems obvious to us but the market hasn’t caught up to this thinking yet. And THAT is your advantage if you can see this now too. Andreesen sees it and they are investing in it. So who do we like the most in this area?

First, a Pro Tip. Go to CoinGecko, click Categories, and then click whatever category you want to research further like AI. I just did it and this is what AI looks like. There are projects from a market cap of $220,000 up to Render at $1.8 billion. Generally, we like almost all the projects listed here in the Top 10 and we think most of them will make money.

But our Research Team thinks the one in this group that could break out is OriginTrail. It is up 257% in 2023 but it’s also 82% down from its ATH of $3.50. At its current price of 62c, that would be a 6x return just to get back to its old high.

We also like how OriginTrail is using AI. It’s using it to combat misinformation in the market. Brands can use it for “Verifiable Web” knowledge. This ensures people tell the truth about their brand.

This particular AI narrative will be super important soon. People can use AI and deepfakes to manipulate information so people don’t know what’s real and what isn’t. OriginTrail will be on the frontline of this fight. And we like that.

SNARKs Go Mainstream

What SNARKs are is beyond the scope of this video. But they are a way to use zero-knowledge proofs for better security. Layer 2 solutions and esp Layer 2 rollups use them frequently. But Layer 1’s can use them too. Especially in areas like the Internet of Things and other apps where using SNARKs reduces the computing power requirements to make it go.

Now Polygon through its Zero and Hermez projects uses zk-SNARKs, too. But that would be too easy and you know we like the project anyway. So here’s one of our other top choices. It’s another one you see us cover a bit but it’s been a couple of months since we last mentioned it. Aleph Zero.

Aleph Zero doesn’t rely only on zk-SNARKs for privacy but it does use them. Most importantly, it is a privacy-based chain for building smart contracts. And although there is definitely some hype around the project, there is LOTS of room to grow. Polygon is the biggest ZK project at a market value of $10 billion. While Aleph Zero is currently at a market cap of $407 million.

Of course, Polygon is further along on its journey. But Polygon should grow and we expect the potential of all zk-SNARKs projects to grow too.

It would be a little more than 20x for Aleph Zero to grow to where Polygon is now. Could that happen? Absolutely it could. If markets continue to grow and demand for zero-knowledge tech grows. That along with good execution from the team would make it a good chance that $AZERO becomes a multi-billion dollar project.


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