Top 7 Crypto Lessons Learned in 2023

Crypto traders and investors alike agree that 2023 was a better year than 2022. Although there were moments of fluctuation, Bitcoin and Ethereum put up stronger performances than the previous year.

The year saw market sentiments move from fear to greed. And we also saw institutional investors embrace the sector. However, there were several challenging moments for the crypto sector in 2023. Hacks were one of the major headaches for the industry in 2023. Statistics show that crypto hacks in 2023 exceeded $1 billion. In addition, regulatory uncertainties cast a shadow on crypto activities.

The SEC claims most cryptocurrencies are securities. The US regulator currently has multiple cases against prominent crypto projects. The highs and lows of 2023 provide huge lessons that can serve as guidelines for you in 2024. This article highlights seven major lessons from 2023 that crypto traders can apply this year.

Lesson 1: Prepare for All Eventualities, Irrespective of Your Anticipated Market Direction.

Several crypto experts foresaw a significant decline in BTC during 2023. But the reality played out differently. Those who solely adhered to these predictions were unprepared for the unexpected surge in BTC. They missed out!

This single lesson shows how important it is to have contingency plans, even for scenarios deemed least likely. For instance, if you hold a bearish outlook, maintaining a modest crypto exposure can act as a safeguard in case your projections prove inaccurate. By adopting such a comprehensive approach, you fortify your position and minimize the risk of substantial losses, ensuring a more resilient investment strategy.

Lesson 2: Embrace the Opportunity to Question Established Norms.

We all like to play safe and operate within the box. But sometimes, doing what’s outside the box could be the key. And in 2024, you should never be too scared to go against public opinion.

For example, SOL is one of the most controversial crypto assets. Yet, it did an impressive 10x in 2023. Most people failed to hold SOL because it felt unwise to do so. Public opinion about this token was negative, sparked by Solana’s affiliation with FTX.

What’s the lesson here? Always pay attention to even controversial tokens. This includes tokens with justified FUD. No one gets rich by buying what everyone thinks is cool. You sometimes have to step out of the narrative. This willingness to challenge popular opinions can open doors to significant opportunities and set the stage for substantial financial success.

Lesson 3: Market Dynamics Can Shift Unexpectedly and Swiftly.

One of the biggest moments of 2023 came when the SEC filed lawsuits against both Binance and Coinbase. Many investors were gripped by fear, foreseeing challenging months ahead for the market. 

However, just one month later, Blackrock made a significant move by applying for a spot in BTC ETF. This single development swiftly transformed market sentiment, turning a bearish outlook into a bullish one. Nothing stays the same in crypto. Things can go north or south (whichever destination you prefer).

The core lesson is to always seize opportunities during substantial market downturns triggered by fear, uncertainty, and doubt. They are unlikely to have a lasting impact. Also, note that our industry is dynamic. Things change a lot. So, tomorrow’s news could completely alter the market’s trajectory. Remaining vigilant and ready to adapt is crucial to avoid being caught off guard and to capitalize on evolving market conditions.

Lesson 4: Focus on Frontrunners, Not Stragglers.

In our market, it’s common to spot a few tokens surging and feel hesitant about jumping on the bandwagon, assuming it’s too late. Consequently, some traders opt for underperformers, only to witness these tokens continue to lag behind the initial frontrunners. This approach can prove to be a costly mistake.

When a token experiences a significant surge and you identify valid reasons supporting its growth potential, consider investing. Timing matters, but it’s essential to recognize that a 2-3X increase might not necessarily mean you’ve missed the boat, especially given the history of tokens achieving 100x gains in past bull runs.

Lesson 5: Give Your Investment Plan Enough Time to Play Out. Don’t Conclude Too Soon.

Reflecting on 2023, many traders held onto fundamentally strong coins that faced months of underperformance. Some gave up on holding these tokens only to witness a sudden 3–4X increase within a few weeks.

Sometimes, some tokens perform under certain conditions. So, it’s important to constantly study your portfolio and know when to cut your losses. Most importantly, if a coin’s fundamentals are improving, exercise patience. Some things take months to unfold.

Lesson 6: History Is a Tool to Predict the Market.

Crypto markets often echo patterns from previous cycles. In previous bull runs, we see a familiar thread. For a start, BTC dominance historically rises. Secondly, certain narratives gain traction. So, learn from the top-performing coins of 2021. And apply it to your strategy this year.

Lesson 7: Cultivate Unwavering Conviction in Your Investment Thesis.

2023 brought financial success to many traders. But they could have made more by having stronger convictions about the assets they were bullish on. One mistake to avoid this year is over-diversification. It can dilute returns. It pays to be bold!

Finally, allocating significant portions of your portfolio to assets you genuinely believe in is safe. And never invest more than you are willing to lose.


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