Looking for where to find good tokens for this bull market? BYDFi is a good option. The crypto exchange often lists new projects that you might not find on other exchanges. Platforms like Bloomberg rank BYDFi among the top ten exchanges.

BYDFi lists tokens in different sectors of the crypto market. This includes gaming, DeFi, AI, etc. They recently listed a couple of tokens. And that’s what we are looking at in this article.


Gaming projects are back on the scene. Web3 gaming was a huge player in the last bull market of 2021. Projects like Axie Infinity entered the spotlight with their play-to-earn model. The bear market affected the gaming ecosystem. But we are seeing a resurgence of quality gaming projects.

Portal is one of the gaming projects to have on your radar. The project is a cross-chain gaming ecosystem. This means they unite games and gamers from different chains and networks. This creates a broader and more engaging gaming community. It also unlocks earning potential from these ecosystems.

Portal solves some of the biggest drawbacks to Web3 gaming. This includes;

  • Operational challenges

  • Adoption barriers

  • Single game token list

Gamers can play any game on any chain using the $PORTAL coin. Portal already has a couple of high-profile partners:

  • Solana

  • Magic Eden

  • Layerzero

This partner network offers $Portal direct distribution to 2 million active gamers. Portal seeks to build the biggest decentralized gaming coin. And that’s the $PORTAL coin. BYDFi is a good place to buy $PORTAL. They offer decent fees and also provide the option of non-KYC.

$PORTAL currently trades at $2.04. It has a market cap of $303,219,939.

Sleepless AI

Sleepless AI merges artificial intelligence with social interaction. This project plans to improve the Web3 gaming space with its approach to AI. It uses AI companion games to offer high-quality emotional support. And immersive gaming experience.

The platform has a staggering selection of over 30 AI friends. Each of these AIs lives in one of the over 9,000 unique virtual rooms and has access to over 9,000 different outfits. The experience also allows users to have natural discussions with their AI friends.

These friends take on distinct personalities of their own. The Sleepless AI project is redefining relationships in the digital era. It provides a lasting love experience in which your AI friend becomes more than a feature on your phone. Rather, he becomes an integral part of your universe. Binance Labs backs Sleepless AI. So, if you are interested in social interaction projects, Sleepless AI is a good choice.


Arkham is an on-chain intelligence exchange. It analyzes and deanonymizes blockchain transactions. Arkham provides details about the people and companies engaged in certain transactions. It also provides information and analysis on their on-chain behavior.

There are two major parts of Arkham:

  • Intel Exchange

  • Analytics Platform.

The former includes analytics for different types of businesses, funds, exchanges, and tokens. It provides users with access to

  • exchange flows,
  • transaction history,
  • holdings in portfolios, and other analytics.

The Intel Exchange streamlines the buying and selling of intelligence and address labels. It achieves this using auctions and bounties. It also uses the DATA (Decentralized AI Training Accelerator) program.

Arkham provides insight into the activities of different wallets. They can help provide data on whale wallets and their behaviors. It uses a variety of special methods and algorithms for this. Arkham also leverages platform users. It rewards users who provide information on these wallets. On-chain sleuths can decide to sell their data on the platform’s marketplace.

Arkham currently trades at $2.96. You can now access Arkham on the BYDFi exchange.

Polyhedra (ZK)

Polyhedra Network focuses on Web3 infrastructure. It ensures scalability, privacy, and interoperability using ZKPs (zero-knowledge proofs) technology. Among other things, Polyhedra provides a zkBridge. This bridge establishes a secure and trustless connection between Web2 and Web3.

The team also developed other products, such as:

  • ZK-DID: A verifiable credential system. It uses ZK technology to protect users’s privacy.
  • ZK-NFT: An interoperable NFT protocol. It can contain other NFTs where ZK tech protects its related assets.

Binance Labs is one of the backers of this project. And so far, they’ve raked in good numbers. It currently trades at $3.15. It has a market cap of $286.78 million. You can now get this token on the BYDFi exchange.


BYDFi keeps expanding its list of assets covered. Its recent listings are a reflection of its ambition. And that’s to make quality projects available to all. You can buy Portal, Sleepless AI, Arkham, and Polyhedra ZK at. They offer the best of what Centralized Exchanges have. You can trade in spot or futures for very low fees and withdraw up to 0.5 BTC with no KYC necessary. Give BYDFi a try today right here.


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