The Web3 gaming scene is picking up some steam again after what felt like forever! Remember how things got super quiet during the bear market? That was a bad time for gaming projects. Loads of gaming projects had to call it quits or put things on hold because, let’s face it, crypto users were all about trying to NOT lose more money and not so much about gaming or the metaverse. But things are changing. With the market sentiment getting better, people are starting to pay attention again. It’s about time to get into the new projects flooding the market.

That’s what Creta World is offering. Creta World offers a platform that provides premium gaming entertainment. But much more, it empowers developers to create games, eliminating the complexity of the process.

For beginners, Creta provides a range of games. This includes new versions of popular franchises. And unique multiverse worlds where players can explore and socialize. It also has a Creta marketplace, where users can find NFT assets based on famous IPs or create their own.

The highlight of Creta is its intuitive game-creation engine. With just a few clicks, users can design their own games. In addition, users can leverage smart contracts to

  • license their creations,
  • monetize in-game items as NFTs,
  • deploy games on the Creta platform for others to enjoy.

How does Creta accomplish all this? It relies on a unique blockchain known as the Locus Chain. This chain ensures that Creta operates with exceptional speed and scalability while maintaining decentralization. This makes it the perfect platform for a metaverse with millions of users.

In addition, the Locus Chain transforms Web3 with its technology. It introduces a serverless online game. This allows each player node to function as part of the server. So, it improves games by prioritizing high throughput, low latency, and infinite scalability.

In simple terms, Creta offers a vibrant ecosystem where creativity thrives. It empowers users to bring their gaming visions to life and profit from their creations.

Creta Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Creta’s ambitions run at the intersection of two great narratives:

  • GameFi
  • the Metaverse.

These sectors have great demand and interest. There’s also a huge window for profit. This comes from the rising demand for virtual experiences and blockchain-powered game economies.

In terms of its metaverse ambitions, Creta seeks to develop two worlds: public and private. As their names imply, the public world is an all-inclusive virtual space for users to interact. The private world will suit the preferences of each user.

 What does Creta Offer?

Creta World goes beyond a single line of products. Instead, it is an all-encompassing ecosystem of the next generation of Web3 games. Creta operates along four major components.

The Creta Multiverse: Creta is currently working on creating an infinitely expandable multiverse. It sets itself apart from standard metaverses by introducing a massive multiverse that allows other metaverses to integrate and expand. Creta also offers its users access to content and ecosystems such as casual games, MMORPGs. And battle royales.

Creta Store: The Creta store is where users can find different objects. This includes vast lands, heroes leading the battlefield, vast lands, ships, and buildings.

NFT marketplace. The Creta NFT marketplace allows users to buy, trade, and list their in-game NFTs.

Creta SuperClub. The SuperClub is a community-owned and managed platform. Trading rights and ownership are converted into NFTs. Users can opt to sell or transfer. Plus, users decide the direction and principles of the community. This makes it a fully decentralized platform.

The Creta game store features two top games: Fortress NFT and Kingdom of the Fire: The Rise. The team plans to create gaming IPs in-house. And also purchase non-blockchain and blockchain games from third-party developers. However, these games must fall into one of three categories: sci-fi, fantasy, or anime. Creta has some other upcoming games, such as Fortress 4.

Creta also has a win-to-earn feature. This allows players to compete for funds against other gamers. In addition, it incorporates the usual play-to-earn features. So, players can monetize their passion by completing missions. And other in-game activities, too.

Finally, there’s the Creta Studio. This allows users to create games with already customized tools. Users can share these creations with other users. And if they like it, the creator can sell it at the price they set.

Why Should I Take Creta Seriously?

There are lots of Web3 gaming projects. Aside from its content, Creta stands out from the pack along two major lines.

Team: The Creta World team is vastly experienced. Their collective experience in Web2 gaming exceeds four decades.

Partners: Creta has an impressive list of partners, such as

  1. Polygon

  2. Diverse

  3. Locus

  4. AST

Creta previously partnered with SWISSBORG, a Web3 investment company. This partnership will help attract investments to the Creta platform. In addition, Creta is also in partnership with Yoshiki Okamoto. He is a seasoned veteran of the video game industry.

Okamoto’s experience cuts across several critically acclaimed games. This includes the Street Fighter series, Resident Evil, and Monster Strike. Creta also has other impressive partnerships. Such as one with Netflix’s Arcane and League of Legends Executive PD Thomas Vu.

These partnerships are significant. They mirror Creta’s ambition to create an interconnected Web3 gaming ecosystem. In addition, Creta plans to empower developers to build and monetize their games. All these make Creta World an ecosystem to watch out for.

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