Crypto's Next Sandbox 240x? Bull Run Gem Creta World

It’s official! The bull run is back. Gaming is an area where this is pretty obvious, too. And if you are a gamer, you’d like to stay tuned to this video till the end. 

What if I told you I’d stumbled upon the next big thing, the next Sandbox or Decentraland, for this exhilarating bull run? Well, guess what? I have, and it’s called Creta World. Remember when we mentioned them in our top games list? A ton of you wanted the lowdown, so here we are!

Today, we’re zooming in on Creta World, exploring their ecosystem, and why we’re convinced these guys are poised to rock the charts during this bull. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

What is Creta World?

So, what’s the deal with Creta World? Well, it’s not just your average gaming platform. Sure, it’s packed with premium entertainment options, but it goes way beyond that. Creta World is all about empowering developers to unleash their creativity without all the headaches of traditional game development.

If you’re new to the scene, Creta has got you covered with a diverse range of games. From fresh takes on beloved franchises to mind-blowing multiverse adventures where you can mingle with fellow gamers. There’s something for everyone. 

Plus, there’s also the Creta marketplace. I find this particularly impressive. This marketplace is your one-stop shop for getting NFT assets inspired by your favorite IPs. You are also allowed to craft your digital treasures. 

But here’s where things get exciting. Creta provides a game-creation engine. And to me, this is an absolute game-changer. 

Creta has made creating games from your ideas as easy as you can imagine. So, with just a few clicks, you can bring your gaming visions to life. And get this: you can even use smart contracts to license your creations and turn in-game items into NFTs for some sweet monetization. And share your masterpieces with the world on the Creta platform.

The Locus Chain- Creta’s Secret Weapon

Now, you might be wondering, “How does Creta pull off all this awesomeness?” Well, it’s all thanks to the magic of Locus Chain. This is a cutting-edge blockchain that ensures Creta runs like a well-oiled machine. 

The Locus Chain provides Creta with lightning-fast speeds, unlimited scalability, and a commitment to decentralization. 

Gamers are already showing an interest in Creta. As I said earlier, they are bringing back iconic Web2 games. But this time around, with improved graphics & storylines. So, whether you’re a seasoned developer looking to flex your creative muscles or just someone who loves to kick back and game, Creta World has got everything you need to level up your gaming experience. Let’s take a look at the games in their store:

The Rise: Kingdom Under Fire

The first game on Creta is Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise (KUF). The game is already live. And if you are a gamer, you’ll love this. KUF is a remake of the ‘Kingdom Under Fire’ game that launched on PC in 2000. The game is a real-time strategy simulation (RTS) that combines with hero action. 

Now, Creta’s ‘Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise’ takes things up a notch. It’s set in a medieval European world, where player interaction is key. Think of PvP elements that’ll get your heart racing. We’re talking about various modes where you’ll battle it out with others to climb the ranks and score some sweet rewards. Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition? 

But here’s where it gets really interesting:  the NFTs at the heart of the game. But hey, don’t worry if you’re not familiar with them. In a nutshell, they’re all about enhancing your gaming experience. Forget about just buying and selling; these NFTs are all about making your time in the game more enjoyable.

Whether it’s items or characters, these NFTs are your treasures. And guess what? You can even create your own! That’s right, you’ll have the power to mint your very own NFTs, adding your unique touch to the game.

That’s something many games don’t offer yet. Most only let you accumulate the standard weapons, potions, or skins they offer.

Who can Play this Game?

First up, if you’re a seasoned MMORPG player who’s been glued to games like Lineage and AION, this one’s right up your alley. And, if you’re looking for an engaging and rewarding game, then this is for you. 

There are lots of things that set Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise apart from its competitors. We’re talking graphics that’ll make your jaw drop—we’re talking AAA standards redefined! And when it comes to gameplay, KUF is in a league of its own. The gameplay is exclusive to the KUF series. 

Also, Creta’s focus on ownership takes things a notch higher. And get this—the game isn’t just confined to one platform. Nope, you can take the action with you wherever you go—PC, mobile, consoles, you name it!

Let’s talk about their second game that’s about to hit the market.

Fortress 4

If you’ve been a gamer for long, you’d recall playing the Fortress franchise. The game was called off in 2020, after 21 years. It also amassed over 20 million players within that period. But guess what? Fortress is back and better than ever as Fortress 4 on Creta.

Now, Fortress 4 isn’t just your run-of-the-mill sequel. It’s the culmination of everything that made the previous entries in the series legendary. We’re talking about Fortress 2, Fortress 3, New Fortress, and even Fortress M.

So, what makes Fortress 4 the ultimate successor? Well, it’s been enriched by years of development. A lot of top-quality game developers are involved. Some of these guys were involved in games like Street Fighter and Resident Evil. So, Fortress 4 will be special. 

Fortress 4 will feature cross-platform play! We’re talking PCs, Macs, tablets, mobile devices, and consoles. 

The team will also introduce a real-time mode. You and your opponents can go head-to-head simultaneously; no waiting around here! And get this: what used to take 30 minutes in turn-based mode now gets compressed into a thrilling 3-minute showdown. 

But wait, there’s more! Fortress 4 will introduce some PvP modes like Battle Royale, Team Death Match, and a story quest mode. There’s a lot to look forward to. 

The game also features Web3 elements. We are talking about NFTs. Users will own each character as NFTs. Here’s the fun part. Your character can also evolve as you play. This means they are not static.

The Creta Multiverse

The final piece in this ecosystem. Creta’s multiverse extends the functions of the regular metaverse. It will feature several parallel universes. 

The Creta Multiverse brings together interconnected metaverses with jaw-dropping photorealistic visuals. It currently has three basic metaverse worlds already up and running. The team plans to expand it with more partnerships. 

But here’s the coolest part: the Multiverse is like your one-stop shop for everything awesome. We’re talking games, performances, and shopping. And there are even spaces for you to unleash your creative genius with user-generated content. It’s like having a whole universe of entertainment right at your fingertips!

And the best bit? Creta caters to everyone’s tastes. Whether you’re into casual gaming, immersing yourself in high-quality content, or just chilling out, there’s something here for you. It’s like the ultimate blend of fun, adventure, and creativity all rolled into one epic package.

If you like what you’ve seen then follow Creta World on Twitter and Discord for all the latest updates and to try the games for yourself.









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