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8 Examples of Bad Tokenomics Explained, Part 2

The tokenomics of a project goes a long way to spot the chaff from the real deal. This means knowing a project that's going...
8 Examples of Bad Crypto Tokenomics Explained

8 Examples of Bad Crypto Tokenomics Explained, Part 1

Tokenomics are an essential part of a crypto project. Good or bad tokenomics can make or break a project. There are a variety of...

Current Crypto Tokenomics, Do They Need to Change?

Are the current crypto tokenomics due for a change? Let's take the Terra 2.0 proposal by Do Kwon as a sample. This tokenomics proposal...
DODO DEX Upgrades Tokenomics Model for Version 2 Upgrade

DODO DEX Upgrades Tokenomics Model for Version 2 Upgrade

Decentralized exchange DODO is tweaking its token model for the upcoming version two upgrade in order to offer more incentives to liquidity providers. DODO is...
Quant Network (QNT) Review - Conclusion

Quant Network Review | QNT Utility & Tokenomics

Now, let’s discuss the most important question to ask when considering getting involved in any crypto project. What is the utility of the Quant...
3 coins that crypto whales are buying

Crypto Whales Are Buying These 3 Altcoins

Literally millions of dollars are being poured by crypto whales into these 3 altcoins. If you have been in crypto for a while you...
kryxivia p2e game review

Kryxivia is a Huge RPG P2E Gem on Polygon

Kryxivia is a game we are really high on. And they have some new updates. This is what their updated new dungeons for PvP...
What Is Stacks? Part 2

What Is Stacks? Part 2

Stacks, formerly known as Blockstack, is a Layer 1 blockchain that enables smart contracts, DeFi, NFTs, and dApps for Bitcoin. The Layer 1 solution...
Gala games review

Everything About Gala Games – Part 2

Already a pioneer in Web 3.0, Gala games is forging the most extensive decentralized network of global gamers. With more AAA titles in the...
cro coin review part 2

What Is CRO Coin? Part 2

This is Part 2 of an article series about the Cronos coin ($CRO). Here’s a link to Part 1. Today, we're looking at whether...