You need to watch this video now because being early means big gains! MATIC – It had a public sale price of 0.00263 USD. But the ATH stood at $2.92 which is more than 1110x.  That’s why me and my team at AB always keep looking for early opportunities.

Some of them might not even have a token yet so, better to keep an eye out for their public or seed sales. One of the altcoins is about to realize its coin just a few days from now. Don’t miss the Opportunity!

Coin #1: SpinFi

SpinFi, or Spin, is a DEX on the Near protocol. It’s my first pick for today’s altcoins about to launch. Spin offers perps or perpetuals and options. In June 2023, it also launched on Polygon’s zkEVM chain. Their SPFI token sale should start this month, in August 2023. But, there are no fixed dates yet. According to icodrops, the public sales price is $0.05 per token. 

Here are 4 reasons why you should keep an eye out on SpinFi:

  • According to DeFiLlama, their TVL is $628.531. Earlier this month, it already hit $1 million. Since May 2023, we have seen big improvements in their TVL.
  • There’s information about the team available. This is an important factor in new projects. Anonymous projects don’t give that much trust. So, on their LinkedIn page, there’s information about the team.
  • SpinFi also had one audit. BlockApex audited the project.
  • On social media, SpinFi appears to be solid as well. On Twitter, they have 62.2k followers. There are also 20k Discord members. These are good numbers and show that there’s an active team and community.

Looking at all the available information, SpinFi seems to be a legit project. It takes a prominent place on Near and has a few good VCs backing them. So, let’s move on to my second pick of the coin launches, Radpie.

Coin#2: Clip Finance

I picked Clip Finance as my second pick of the altcoins about to launch. It’s still in the early stages. It’s an infrastructure layer for cross-chain yield products. Clip Finance has a one-click solution for multi-chain DeFi yield strategies. However, the project has not been launched yet. 

100% of their CLIP token supply will go to the Yield Wars. If you mint one of their NFTs, you will get a part of the 7% share token of their token supply. All NFT holders will share 90% of Clips revenue.

On the other hand, there’s already a website and there’s a doxed team. Their website has team information with links to their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. This is always an important factor in your fundamental research. Because the product is so new, there’s currently no information on TVL or audits available. However, the website states that this should be coming soon.

Their current social media presence only extends to Twitter. But check this, they have 10k Twitter followers. Their brand-new Discord server is closing in on 1k members. So, what’s my verdict on Clip Finance? This project seems legit. 

That’s despite the fact that the project only launched a couple of days ago. However, the website and docs are in order. Furthermore, there’s also a doxed team. Once more, keep an eye out for their token sale. Because it pays off to be early in crypto.

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